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Boy’s Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas

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Dino-mite is the best way to describe this dinosaur birthday party. Some say parties on a budget are impossible but Julie at A Reason to Get Together scoffs at that notion. She was able to pull this adorable and plentiful party together for a six year old boy on a fairly tight budget. One tip she shares is to really look at the things you already have on hand and build your party design around that. [For more budget friendly ideas, check out all the submissions to our Boy Bash on a Budget Challenge last year.”]

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The party was covered in browns and greens and featured a variety of different dinosaurs. This party had a simple, clean layout with a display of cute cakes and cookies. Julie even made the sugar cookies look like fossils with dino foot prints. The store-bought chocolate cake was dressed up with letters spelling out the age of the guest of honor.

A common theme among the paper décor was to make cutouts with a paper cutting machine, making the cost be the paper used.  Julie pulled out all the budget friendly tricks by using the dollar store dinosaurs as props and cardstock for most of the décor.

This party was not lacking in the activity department either. The first activity included making dinosaur fossils out of coffee play-dough that was then stored in a glass jar. The kids chose a jar, rolled out their coffee play-dough, and pressed small plastic dinosaurs into the dough which was then baked during party.

Then the kids got to make a stegosaurus out of their hand print (think hand turkeys). They precut triangles out of card stock before the party that the kids could easily glue to the bodies of the hand print stegosaurus.

The kids were also read the book “Dinosaur Roar” by Paul and Henrietta Stickland. The party was wrapped up with a dinosaur dance, where they would dance like various dinosaurs.

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