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Boy’s Blue Pirate Birthday Party

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You don’t need to sail the seven seas to search for unique party decoration ideas; just look at this adorable boy’s blue pirate birthday party! This engaging celebration was put together by Jes, of Jes Parker Events and Celebrations, using a blue, white and black color palette.

Jes made the adorable selection of printables and centerpieces for this gathering that included fun themed cupcakes and birthday cake, favors, and party games. Beware of dark pirate ships and treasure hidden throughout the decorative table décor!

Boy's Blue Pirate Birthday Party Ideas

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Boy's Blue Pirate Birthday Party Ideas

In a departure from the more familiar red, white and black pirate décor, Jes created a table in ocean blue and white water foam. A scrim of black referenced a fishing net and served as an anchor for the food display.

Boy's Blue Pirate Birthday Party Banner Ideas

The tall white centerpiece cake from Palmer’s Market with black stripes was topped with a version of Captain Hook’s hooked appendage.

Guests were satisfied with sandwiches, individually wrapped and tied with baker’s twine, cheese puffs and goldfish crackers in polka-dotted cups, plus colorful fruit kabobs.

Boy's Blue Pirate Birthday Party Cupcake Ideas

I like the fun “Grub” banner that called guests to the table.

Generously sized pedestals held cupcakes that were ready for the party in black wraps with pirate sword cutouts: so cute! They were topped with black and blue pirate themed medallions.

Boy's Blue Pirate Birthday Party Drink Ideas

The pirate punch wore stripes. I love how the blue looks next to the black and white! Blue and white paper straws look like a perfect accessory, too.

The stylized skull and crossbones image on the water bottles is not so scary but still says “pirate”. I think that’s a good choice for a four-year-old’s birthday.

Boy's Blue Pirate Birthday Party Table Decor Ideas

The remarkable guest table was filled with festive décor. A wide band of shimmery blue over black and white stripes was striking.

Jes used a pirate ship flying the Jolly Roger, centerpieces with the birthday boy’s age and golden coins to carry the theme.

Boy's Blue Pirate Birthday Party Game Ideas

One of my favorite parts of this party was the treasure hunt Jes put together. A basket full of pirate costumes and inflatable swords got everyone ready for adventure. 

Boy's Blue Pirate Birthday Party Activity Ideas

With the sign inviting guests to follow the path to buried treasure and mysterious blue footprints leading who-knew-where, you know young imaginations were excited!

X marked the spot in a sandbox filled with buried treasure for guests to claim.

Boy's Blue Pirate Birthday Party Activity Ideas

Party pirates could fill “diamond” embellished canvas bags with the bounty they discovered.

Boy's Blue Pirate Birthday Party Bag Ideas

I love the “message in a bottle” party favors! Each little bottle was filled with blue and black sixlets, pirate tattoos, and a coin for buying ice cream at a local shop. Imagine what a treasure that would be for a little guy.

Boy's Blue Pirate Birthday Party Favour Ideas

You could look far and wide before you’d find another pirate party with so many winsome ideas.

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Boy's Pirate Birthday Party Ideas

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