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[Boy/Girl Party] Little Prince Book Birthday Party!

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I follow literally hundreds of party-related Facebook pages and when this one came up on my newsfeed I immediately emailed Flavia of Ireland-based Stunning Party to see if I could feature it on the blog. It’s so rare to find a boy-girl combined party that is so evenly executed. Neither the little boys or girls would feel out of place at this birthday. Flavia planned it for a twin boy and girl who were having their 4th birthday. Mom is originally from Brazil, now living in Ireland, and she wanted to base the party on the book Le Petit Prince (The Little Prince) by French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

This theme is very common in Brazil, but it is always a boys party, and so Flavia had to find the space for the sister. Says Flavia of her solution: The book is about a prince that leaves his planet and his rose to explore the universe and finds out that the rose was the most important thing in his life and keep trying to get back to her. That was the special meaning for her in the book, and it was also the way we could adapt for the twins, trying to symbolize the caring relationship between twins. So we did a girly “rose” side and a boyish “prince” one.

Continues Flavia: The background was made with a wall sticker I found on Ebay plus some star cut outs and the representation of both planets (his and Earth’s) I made with Styrofoam. We wanted to show the quotes because they really are the best on this book.

There were two cakes, both vanilla, one with coconut filling and other with raspberry buttercream. There were also vanilla cupcakes; marshmallow pops; Candy Floss pops; Meringues; Sugar cookies; and Jelly Shots (obviously with no alcohol). I wanted the desserts to have this feel of clouds and lightness as well.

And, as a good Brazilian party, this one had to have the (almost) famous Brigadeiros: featured inside the rose with red sprinkles, with blue sprinkles on a blue case and a pink version on a cup with the little spoon I decorated with a tiny rose. The brigadeiros were made by the mum and her friends, and all the rest I did myself including the daunting fondant prince cake topper figure.

Mom’s table was a dream because it was like a dessert stand itself, all glass with a pedestal. So I decided to use a lot of glass stands as if everything was floating. In the book the little prince flies from planet to planet and we wanted to have this feel of everything was floating about with stars and planets.


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