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A Boy’s Hot Air Balloon First Birthday Party

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What better idea to celebrate your baby boy growing up than a hot air balloon first birthday party? Absolutely precious in every way, this celebration thrown by Angela, of Taffie Wishes, is full of vintage-inspired decorations and details. Hot air balloon decorations play on the theme “growing/going up”. Check out the sweet birthday cake and dessert table, as well as the simple touches that make this party so perfect.


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Styled in shades of blue and brown, there are so many dear DIY elements not to be missed.  From the paper circle garland hanging from the window to the triangle bunting hanging overhead to the pom-pom embellished party hats to the baby food jar picture display, I can’t choose just one favorite DIY project!

The dessert table was kept simple, yet the vintage suitcase and white shoes bring in that special first birthday feel.

I love the edible bead detailing on the birthday cake and cute banner topper. Isn’t the coordinating smash cake adorable?  Polka-dotted blue and white snack cups make the perfect way to serve nuts, cookies, cream puffs and candy.

The hot air balloon installment overhead is incredible. Using an existing light fixture to drape fabric and bunting is brilliant!  Balloons and clouds hung overhead complete the look.  Such creativity!

The beverage service is also darling as milk bottles are dressed up with brown twine and paper straws. A coordinating label defines the beverage as “grow up” punch.

Doesn’t little Levi look cute in his party hat and decked out high chair?  The custom blocks are a fun addition and the bunting makes it more festive.

Not only do the floating balloons and oversized basket enchant the birthday boy, the scene makes a precious photo op.

The dining table centerpieces are so impressive!  Jars of all sizes filled with the birthday boy’s photos create a joyful display that guests wouldn’t want to miss.

What a fun way to celebrate a little one growing up, up and away!

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