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A Vintage Fishing Birthday Party

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This boy’s vintage fishing themed birthday party from Jenny, of Crossing the Bugger-Dixon Line, is full of “reel-y” cute details. If you follow Jenny’s work, you already know she is a creative master at planning incredible parties on a budget. Hook, line and sinker, she’s done it again in this fishing themed birthday party featuring one of our Spaceships and Laser Beams party collections!  You’re sure to be hooked when you see the clever ideas for party decorations and DIY party favors! Jenny makes planning a budget-friendly party look easy.  Would you believe this fishing birthday party tablescape, including party favors, only cost her $17 out of pocket?  Read on to learn just how Jenny did it.

Boys Vintage Fishing Birthday Party

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Boys Vintage Fishing Birthday Party Tackle Box Decorations

Jenny’s overall concept for this party space was to transform it into a grassy fishing area reminiscent of ponds where she likes to fish.  To accomplish this, she spray-painted inexpensive paper lanterns to make oversized fishing bobbers and hung them above her table for visual interest. Brilliant!

Boys Vintage Fishing Birthday Party Centerpiece

Next she created a table centerpiece from a box, faux grass and reeds from her local dollar store, and a cute “Jack’s Fishing Hole This Way” sign from our own Spaceships and Laser Beams printable fishing collection. Doesn’t it look amazing?

Boys VIntage Fishing Birthday Party Table Signs

Jenny borrowed a fishing basket, reels and bobbers from her husband and added woven baskets to the table for interest. Instead of covering the table with linens, she used the natural wood top to keep it simple, rustic and masculine.

Boys Vintage Fishing Birthday Party Chair Fishing Line Decorations

Printable fish from our collection were strung with jute to look like the catch of the day.  I love how Jenny displayed them as chair backers.

Boys VIntage Fishing Party Plate Setting Decorations

Jenny used real dishes as part of her tablescape, but with a unique touch: Jenny wrapped each charger plate in brown and teal yarn to harmonize with our vintage fishing printables. Silverware was wrapped in white napkins and accented with a small party circle.

Boys Vintage Fishing Party Water Bottle Lables

A bottle of water accompanied each place setting, dressed up in a custom beverage wrap from our collection.  Each cap had a “reel ‘em in” sticker on top.

Boys VIntage Fishing Party Tacklebox Decorations

To keep costs down, Jenny chose to forego buying actual tackle boxes for each child’s party favor.  Instead, she found small dollar store containers (only $0.10 each!) that looked similar to what a fisherman would use to store bait, flies and small fishing gear. She added gummy worms and topped the containers with a variety of our labels for a festive look.  Jenny displayed all of the favors in a real tackle box—so cute!

Aren’t you amazed how much Jenny accomplished on such a small budget? I’m hooked!  This vintage fishing birthday party is adorable!

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