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Beautifully Rustic Nautical-Themed 2nd Birthday Party

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For a boy’s party theme idea that’s pretty to look at, but decidedly masculine, this rustic nautical-themed boy’s birthday party is the perfect choice. Of course photographer-designed events are gorgeous, but Shannon, of Shalynne Imaging, went all out when she created this party (that I just want to LIVE in). Organic, chic décor—filled with vintage prop supplies—spares no detail; the menu is eye-pleasing, and sounds delicious. What is also amazing is this talented lady put the celebration together in one week!  Get comfortable, you’re going to want to click through and spend some time with Shannon’s stunning photographs!

Boy's Nautical Birthday Party Ideas

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Boy's Nautical Birthday Party Invitation Ideas

Shannon’s simple, precious, invitation gave guests a preview of the party theme.

Boy's Nautical Birthday Party Room Decor Ideas

Moss, barn wood, fishing nets, old porch posts, tree stumps, a rusty chandelier… could you imagine how beautifully these elements would come together? Shannon’s immense talent organized family contributions for décor, favors, and menu items into a lovely, stylish celebration for her son, Eli’s, 2nd birthday. Shannon and her father built an arbor from repurposed materials at the party site, CreekSide Tree Nursery (the business owned by Shannon and her husband, Jason).

Boy's Nautical Birthday Party Table Decor Ideas

Boy's Nautical Birthday Party DIY Candle Holder Ideas

Painted bottle candleholders, wrapped in twine, are an understated nod to the theme. Burlap-topped reclaimed tree stumps serve delightfully as seating.

Boy's Nautical Birthday Party Wall Decor Ideas

A wall of old maps adds pools of ocean blue.

Boy's Nautical Birthday Party Wall Decor Ideas

Vintage items culled from Eli’s grandparent’s collection are meaningful and on-theme decorations; there’s even a picture of a ship sailed by Eli’s great-grandfather during the Korean War.

I love the vignettes around the party space; wooden benches, containers of sea grass, a solitary gull, and a sparkle of mirrors add to the welcoming venue.

Boy's Nautical Birthday Party Gift Ideas

Boy's Nautical Birthday Party Decor Ideas

Boy's Nautical Birthday Party DIY Wall Decor Ideas

Little Eli was ecstatic to discover that grandpa had made him his very own boat! Guests were also gifted with miniature versions to take home. That same talented wood worker crafted a large, wood anchor as well as small, wooden decorative fish to further the nautical party ambiance.

Boy's Nautical Birthday Party Cake Ideas

Boy's Nautical Birthday Party Cupcake Ideas

Family and friends helped create a homemade dessert buffet. An amazing birthday cake, by friends at Intricate Icings, looks more like a piece of art. The anchor topper mirrors the hand crafted anchor. It’s smooth sailing for the little fondant sailboat on Eli’s adorable smashcake, where textured frosting suggests gentle waves. Pretty printables, by Natosha Cooke, lend a nautical theme to cupcakes—evoking a sailboat on choppy seas.

Boy's Nautical Birthday Party Drink Ideas

Boy's Nautical Birthday Party Drink Dispenser Ideas

Boy's Nautical Birthday Party Drink Dispenser Ideas

Boy's Nautical Birthday Party Pie Ideas

Boy's Nautical Birthday Party Cake Pop Ideas

Boy's Nautical Birthday Party Candy and Dessert Ideas

Boy's Nautical Birthday Party Rice Krispie Treat Ideas

Boy's Nautical Birthday Party Apple on Sticks Ideas

Boy's Nautical Birthday Party Popcorn Ideas

Guests enjoyed blueberry water and lemonade. In addition to the birthday cake, the menu included scones, pie, parfait, cake pops, sea foam-colored starfish cookies and white chocolate with “sea glass” bark. Kraft paper and twine are an inventive way to dress up Rice Krispies Treats—and have you ever seen white-chocolate-covered apples on real twigs? There were also paper cones filled with popcorn.

Boy's Nautical Birthday Party Favour Ideas

Birthday parties are meant to be as much a celebration of your child’s life as time shared with loved ones. This beautifully rustic, nautical-themed, boy’s birthday party is both gorgeous and meaningful, as well as filled with unique ideas for your own sea-faring festivities.

See more of Shannon’s stunning photography on Facebook and check out their uncommonly beautiful Etsy shop, Twigs & Treen.

Vendor credits:
Culinary Styling: Kendall Lind
Stamps: Verde Studios

The crew of Spaceships and Laser Beams has sourced these supplies, for planning your own sea-faring celebration:

More sea-faring suggestions:

What do you think of the rustic style of this nautical-themed party?

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