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Baby Lamb Themed Boy’s Baptism or Christening

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I can’t think of a better theme for a religious rite of passage, such as a christening or baptism, than a Little Lamb theme. This party was styled by Magdalena from Oh So Chic Celebrations for the little boy of a client. She met with the mom met and bounced around a lot of ideas from birds, angels. They decided on the lamb as it is a religious symbol and perfect for the baptism of a little boy.

The color palette was tiffany blue and brown with white thrown it to light the palette. The theme symbol was represented in all stationary as well as as a toper for mini cupcakes, cake pops, cookies and the cake topper. The family also prepared traditional sweets including dipples and baklava.

Vendor Credits

Concept , styling and stationary – Oh So Chic Celebrations
Lamb cookies, macaroons and cake pops  Periwinkle Sweets
Blondies, brownies and checker cookies  Windsor Road Cookie
Lamb cupcakes Tiny Delights

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