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Awesome Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Party Ideas

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The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are back! This boy’s birthday bash is as perfect for a small group of four as it is for a bale of 40! Tonya, of Soiree Event Design, has put together an awesome TMNT party, full of innovative decorations, favors and theme supplies. With take-home costume pieces that double as dessert table and room decorations, this party is sure to wow moms and boys everywhere!

TMNT Birthday Party Ideas

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Since these most famous of all turtles live in city sewers, this boy-pleasing birthday party includes “brick” walls with graffiti, and lots of “metal” sewer manhole covers, to ramp up the grunge factor. PVC pipe and Styrofoam discs are transformed into party-worthy decorations with some imaginative paint and tape.

Our heroes in a half-shell make an appearance in the favor table centerpiece, too, which is actually made from CD holders, PVC pipe, theme printables and TMNT action figures.

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Take-home, customized pizza favor boxes and favor cookies, round out the theme and thrill all party-going crime busters. The main seating table is “paved” with black glitter scrapbook paper and yellow electrical tape for street lines.

TMNT Birthday Party Ideas

Turtle Leonardo appears to have just pushed back the sewer cover to appear on the dining table—cool, huh? Additional action figures populate the table. Colorful Ninja masks are at each place setting and every chair is hung with a “turtle shell” to wear.

Cupcakes are displayed on a clever sewer pipe cake stand, AKA painted PVC. Kids decorate their own cupcakes with green “ooze” and top those with TMNT toy weapons (pre-sterilized, of course). So if you’re looking for a cartoon/comic/action theme party, it’s all here in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles boy’s birthday bash!

Look for how-to tutorials, coming over the next few weeks!.

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