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An Airplane Birthday Party for Twins

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Animated boy birthday parties are de rigueur around here, but can you imagine how lively a birthday party for twin boys would be?!

Mae, of Mae Armstrong Designs, recently designed and hosted an airplane birthday party for her own twin sons.

Since mom has often taken the boys to an observation tower to plane-watch, the idea of using airplanes as a theme for their third birthday was sure to be a winner.

Mae put together all the necessary party supplies and coordinated invitations, decorations, dessert table treats and favors; she created an appealing aviation themed birthday her boys (and guests!) are sure to remember.

airplane birthday party ideas

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Witty invitations look like a boarding pass, so little party guests had a clue they were about to embark on a fun adventure. When guests arrived, Mae had a “Now Boarding” sign to welcome them.

airplane birthday party supplies

A jumbo number declared “3” and a cheery red wagon held airplane kits. The front porch table was readied for guests to decorate and build their own model airplanes.

Airplane Birthday Party Favor Ideas

Keeping the potential (ha-certain!) mess outside has a lot of appeal!

Airplane Birthday Party Favor Ideas

Inside, a birthday banner waved over a well-prepared dessert table. Mae made a coffee filter wreath to hang over the table, too, and partnered it with a couple of large paper medallions for lots of texture and color.

Airplane Birthday Party Dessert Table

Airplane patterned fabric served as a runner and a vintage globe reinforced the “oh, the places you’ll go” idea. A pair of pilot hats for the twins was a cute decoration that will surely be worn often.

Airplane Party Food - Cookie Ideas

The desserts included cake and star marshmallows; red velvet and chocolate cupcakes (in striped sleeves and party colors) were decorated with edible toppers, as were the sugar cookies.

Airplane Cupcakes for Birthday Party

Another cute feature of this party was the “baggage claim area” that Mae fashioned for the personalized, miniature suitcase favors. She arranged another globe, and vintage luggage, to further the theme.

Airplane Birthday Party Favor Ideas

Mae used more coffee filters to make puffy clouds to hang over the table. If your boys are enthralled with airplanes too, use these ideas as a starting point for planning your next birthday bash and then — let your imagination soar!

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Plane themed Birthday Party

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