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An Adorable Pirate Themed Birthday Party

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A boy’’s birthday party that features pirates is a popular theme, so it’s not an unusual birthday idea. But… what if your boy has a hero heart, ready for adventure, yet doesn’’t like the scary aspect of skulls and crossbones? Mom Kat, of Kat’s Cakes, pulled off a terrific pirate themed birthday party, without shiverin’’ any timbers! I really like how Kat honored Harrison’’s birthday wish, yet guarded the tenderness of his heart. Annika Giles Photography has captured images of the cake and cupcakes on the dessert table and many other aspects of the party. Come, see the fun!

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Harrison’’s favorite color is orange so this party featured orange, blue and black instead of the more typical red and black — —it works, too! The dessert table pennant pulls all the colors together.

Pirate Themed Dessert Table for Boys Birthday Party

There’’s a pirate chest, filled with take-home favors for later. The wooden cake stand, crate and twine wrapped serving dishes pair well with the fish net to reference a pirate ship. The cake and cupcakes have shades of blue frosting to hint at ocean waves.

A cute pirate ship carries the birthday boy’’s age; a mini treasure chest and golden coins allude to buried treasure.

Party Food Ideas for Boys Pirate Birthday

Party Food Ideas for Boys Pirate Birthday

Lots of food choices carry fun pirate themed labels: Hawaiian Islands, Sea Dogs, Canon Balls, Anchors Away and Peg Legs.

Party Food Ideas for Boys Pirate Birthday - Bootleg Ale

The menu was filled out with Bootleg Ale, Jewels (candy), Berry’d Treasure (fruit cups), Parrot Food (crackers and cheese).

Themed Food Ideas for Boys Pirate Birthday Party

There were also Lost Treasure (krispie treats) and gold chocolates. Captain’s Cookies were shaped like mini maps, “H” for Harrison, and smiling pirates in blue kerchiefs.

Pirate Themed Cookies for Boys Birthday Party

My best grin came when I saw the dual varieties of macarons called “macARGHons”!

Party Food for Pirate Themed 6th Birthday Party

Another treat was found on the guest table: Pirate’’s Teeth (popcorn).

Party Food for Pirate Birthday

Golden coins were scattered down the burlap runner on the guest table. A couple of ship’s lanterns also helped carry the theme. Orange and white and blue and white striped plates brought color to the table. Cute pirate wraps on the bottles and all color-coordinated food labels came from Owly Molly Printables.

Table Decorations for a Pirate Themed Birthday Party

For party activities, Kat engaged an entertainer dressed as a pirate. Not only did she make balloon sword sculptures, she played party games and did face painting— — sounds like a good person to know!

So, Harrison had his full-fun, non-scary pirate themed birthday and Kat had the satisfaction of making his wishes come true. I love seeing how talented moms create just what their boys imagine!

Favors for Pirate Themed Birthday Party

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What would your son love to see at his pirate themed birthday bash?

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