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Airplane Themed Boy’s 1st Birthday

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A mom who wants to celebrate her boy’s first birthday is a motivated party planner! Although Marina is a busy mom and school teacher, she made time to create a sweet party for her Dominic’s first birthday. After deciding on airplane theme ideas, Marina did a little online shopping and went to a local store for party supplies so she could create her own handmade decorations and treats. The result? A sweet dessert table full of cupcakes, cake and good wishes for the birthday baby and guests.

airplane first birthday party for boys

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Marina chose a fresh “sunny skies” color theme. A bright white tablecloth pairs well with the yellow and blue. Marina personalized a purchased bunting to front the table. To give the table a focal point, Marina used blue, child-sized suitcases as a display pedestal for a new toy airplane. When the display wasn’t as tall as she’d hoped, she improvised by wrapping a box with a coordinating yellow paper. I love the runway she made with blue paper– it invites the eyes right up to the plane display. A “rocky road runway” of chocolates probably didn’t last too long! In keeping with the airplane/travel theme, Marina wrapped raisin boxes in blue and made tiny handles with yellow paper; what a darling idea!

boy's airplane first birthday party

Twin cupcake towers hold vanilla cupcakes, frosted in blue and yellow, and topped with Marina’s own birthday medallions. They were another party project she crafted by stacking and cutting colored cardboard; these were finished with paper cutouts she created on her computer.Marina also made frosted airplane and number “one” shaped cookies, yellow/blue Jello cups, and a chocolate mud rectangle cake which she topped with a smaller airplane shaped cake. Glass candy jars were decorated with Marina’s own labels and cheery blue and yellow ribbons. I love the candies she found: Blueberry Clouds, Rainbow Colored Marshmallows and Yellow Banana Fruits.

plane themed first boy birthday party

After desserts and presents, party guests were able to appreciate all of Dominic’s first year changes by looking at the picture collage Marina designed. Older children at the party had fun decimating a giant “1” piñata.

First son, first birthday, and lots of love made Mom’s first attempt in creating a birthday party a delightful success!

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