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A Truck Themed Boy’s 3rd Birthday Party

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Inspired by a vibrant and fun colored truck at their local playground, Jocelyn Marentis, of Memories are Sweet, designed a truck themed boy’s 3rd birthday party for her son. Bright shades of red, yellow and blue provided a colorful foundation for the party decorations, sweet treats, children’s clothing, prizes and take home favors. Get ready to be amazed by the party details incorporated into this cherished playground toy photographed by Shirley Dowling Photography.


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Boys Truck Themed Birthday Party Ideas

Planning a birthday party at a playground or park around a favorite park feature is a fun and unique idea!  Not only did this outdoor location have the perfect play area for guests to enjoy, the playground truck had a little table and chairs in the bed of the truck, perfect for eating treats! Jocelyn used the truck as a pseudo party backdrop—a genius idea.  Coordinating balloons and banners were hung in party colors, making an already vibrant attraction even more appealing.
Boys Truck Themed Birthday Party Table Ideas

Boys Truck Themed Party Food Ideas

Boys Truck Themed Party Food Snack Ideas

Boys Truck Themed Party Food Marshmallow Ideas

In one section of the truck, Jocelyn set up a bright and enticing treat display with desserts by Velvetier.  I’m sure this was a favorite spot! Colorful meringues were arranged on a tiered acrylic tower (Style Party Love) as a mouthwatering focal piece.  Tinted red, yellow and blue chocolate spiders were another great treat.  Pails filled with vividly colored jelly beans were home to marshmallow ice cream pops topped with sprinkles—the guest of honor’s favorite. Chocolate covered Oreos and vanilla cookies were additional menu sweet treats.
Boys Truck Themed Party Table Ideas
With the addition of red and white striped paper plates (Ruby Rabbit) topped with chilled juice bottles suited up in custom beverage wrappers, each guest had a special spot to enjoy a treat feast in the back of the truck.  A glass vessel filled with brightly colored toy cars made an appropriate and practical centerpiece.
Boys Truck Themed Party Drink Ideas

Because little guests need constant hydration, a fueling station was set up with colored water.  Don’t the red striped paper straws look so fun?  The combination of red and white paper cups, red drink and blue tool bench make a great place to refresh and refuel.
Boys Truck Themed Birthday Party Favor Ideas

Boys Truck Themed Birthday Party Decoration Ideas

When it came time for guests to truck on home they didn’t leave empty-handed.  Each guest received a darling custom printed calico bag from Barbe a Papa Party to fill with sweet treats for the trip home.  Mini paint pails filled with jelly beans were awarded to winners of the games.  Don’t you just love the racing washi tape detailing?  What a fun prize display!

Vrooming through the details of this truck themed birthday party may just help you put your own party into overdrive.  Think of how you can incorporate some of these creative ideas in your next celebration!

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