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A Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn Boys First Birthday Party

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A baby boy’s first birthday is something to commemorate! Mom Patty, of Sweet Treat Stands, believes in establishing memories right from a guy’s first celebration and she does it with gusto! Her decoration ideas in establishing a Tom Sawyer/Huck Finn theme for her son, Sawyer, are absolutely precious! Invitations, the cake, the dessert table, all combine for one beautiful party that will live long in memory, just as Patty has desired. There are more lovely artistic elements than I have room to describe for you here, but Wendhy Jeffers Photography has done a great job capturing details.

Dessert Table for Boys First Birthday Party

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An outside venue was the perfect backdrop for a Tom Sawyer party; positioning the serving table beneath the sprawling tree canopy was genius. If her son was ten, I’m sure Patty couldn’t get away with a ruffled table cloth, even in denim, but it’s a GORGEOUS choice for a first birthday!

Boys first birthday party decorations

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Boys First Birthday Fishing Themed Cake

I am quite impressed by that marvelous cake and cupcakes on a wooden raft cake stand. Fondant figures, including Tom on a raft with his fishing pole, cat tails, and river rocks, combine to create an edible work of art!

Garden cupcakes for boys first birthday party

The white picket fence motif is also repeated on cupcake wrappers; the cupcakes are miniature masterpieces, too.

Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn Cupcakes

Additional ingenious sweets include cookies, mini pies and marshmallows. These are displayed with a variety of miniature banner flags, paper medallions and tissue tassels. The retro stripped straws and small wood hearts, wooden utensils and canning jars help carry the county boy theme.

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There were several pieces of original art commissioned for this birthday event and each one is delightful.

Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn Party Supplies

Little birthday fella, Sawyer, partied in custom-made over-alls from Little Orange Shop and a party hat from Dainty Couture. Tom would approve of this party; someday Sawyer will see the pictures and I’m sure he will too!

Ideas for boys first birthday party invites

Congrats to Patty for a sweeeeet boy birthday party! Make sure to visit her on the Sweet Treat Stands Etsy shop for a peek at all creations.

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