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A Terrific Zoo Themed Boy’s Birthday Party

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Does your little boy like to act like an animal? How about having a boy birthday party at a zoo? Really! That’s what Charlene, of Party Envy by Charlene, did recently.

The party venue was the former home of the Los Angeles Zoo, which was closed in the 1960’s when a new zoo structure was built to house animals. The original zoo has been converted to a picnic area and that made it a perfect choice for a small group of party animals to celebrate a zoo themed birthday.

Simple, colorful decorations, an easy-to-do snack cake and fresh air, combined to create a unique birthday party. Ashley Anne Photography captured the celebration images.

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All of the original enclosures are existent at the park, so of course the kids wanted to go on a great explore. Animal calls came with the party.

Since the kids wore animal masks and visors, they became part of the decorative scene. The kids also played ring toss and blew bubbles without having to be concerned about the furniture.

boy's zoo birthday party banner

Charlene used orange and yellow as the predominant colors against the extensive stone wall backdrop, but also included a range of bright colors for party fun.

With such an immense venue, Charlene chose to focus the decorations on a smaller, manageable area.

Rustic fabric strip garlands were punctuated with alphabet animal pictures and balloons for a backdrop.

boy zoo birthday party diy jars

Guest table centerpieces were animal topped candy jars on pedestals; plastic animal figures and pictures were positioned around the base.

boy's zoo birthday party cake

Instead of having to bother with cutting cake slices, easy to hold striped snack cakes were arranged on a pedestal and topped with a mini pennant banner that held the word, “Zoo”.

boy's zoo birthday party treats

Cotton candy and cookie filled cones were also easy to grab, as were the larger cookies, donuts and candies. Colorful juice barrels quenched thirsty explorers.

boy's zoo birthday party favor table

Before leaving the park, young guests were able to fill favor bags with their choice of stuffed animals, Play Doh, candy and boxes of animal crackers.

Even if you don’t have an empty zoo to explore, most zoos do have picnic areas and playgrounds that would provide a similar experience. Follow Charlene’s lead and use easy-to-hold treats for a fresh air, fun-time birthday celebration.

boy's zoo birthday party favor ideas

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