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A Smiley-Face Boy’s First Birthday Party

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If you want to smile, this 1st birthday party by mom and party planner Debra Walters, of Average Meets Amazing,  is the theme to bring a grin from ear to ear.  Debra’s son, Miles, was blessed with a great smile and the most adorable dimples—his trademark feature.  As his smile became more irresistible, the theme for his first birthday party became clear!  A smiley-face theme was definitely in order.  A bright, cheerful party was the perfect way to pay tribute to such a joyful baby.  You’ll love the fresh, modern twist that Debra brings to this happy theme with trendy touches like confetti balloons, chalkboard art and even a photo booth.  All of the bright and colorful details were captured by photographer, Layna Jenee Weintraub. We dare you not to smile after taking a peek!


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Boys Smile Themed Birthday Party Invite Ideas

Invitations are a great way to get guests excited about a party.  Debra sent out her invitations in cake bags filled with confetti so party guests could experience some festivity from the moment the invitations arrived!  I imagine there were plenty of smiles as invitations were opened!
Boys Smile Themed Birthday Party Welcome Sign

Boys Smile Themed Birthday Party Balloon Decoration Ideas

Boys Smile Themed Birthday Party Centerpiece Ideas
Boys Smile Themed Birthday Party Table Centerpiece Decorations

The party space was decorated in bright, happy shades of yellow and aqua.  Guests were greeted with a giant chalkboard welcome sign—one of Debra’s favorite elements. Confetti-filled balloons (The Flair Exchange) marked off the party area at the clubhouse and paired nicely with smiley-face Mylar balloons. Debra has a wonderful tradition of including her family in the crafting of party decorations.  Miles’ older sister and brother created the flower vases for the centerpieces which were displayed along with framed quotes from favorite songs about being happy.  Pill bottles were decorated and filled with Lemonheads to create “happy pills” for guests to enjoy.  What fun details!
Boys Smile Themed Birthday Party Banner Ideas
Another sweet handcrafted element was a photo garland entitled, “A Year of Smiles”.  It included dozens of photos taken during Miles’ first year and was a great reminder for family and friends of the beautiful moments that occurred in what seemed like a blink of an eye.
Boys Smile Themed Birthday Party Table Backdrop Ideas

Boys Smile Themed Birthday Party Table Ideas

Debra planned for a delicious lunch and dessert area.  An oversized, confetti-dotted number one provided a festive backdrop for the refreshments, along with colorful balloon bouquets. I love how Debra added paper confetti dots to the front of the tablecloths—such a simple detail with a big impact.  The chalkboard inspired signage by Tini Posh was another wonderful touch, highlighting milestones and important details about the guest of honor.
Boys Smile Themed Birthday Party Chalkboard Decoration Ideas

Boys Smile Themed Birthday Party Bottle Water Ideas

Debra was all about keeping big smiles on everyone’s faces.  For lunch, she served pizza, Caesar salad, fruit salad and snack cups filled with Cheerios and gold fish crackers.  Water was the beverage of choice and Debra DIYd sparkly beverage wraps made from glittered duct tape—a quick and economical choice!

Boys Smile Themed Birthday Party Food Cake

Boys Smile Themed Birthday Party Food Cupcake Topper Ideas

Boys Smile Themed Birthday Party Food Cupcake Ideas

Boys Smile Themed Birthday Party Food Cookie Ideas

The dessert table was filled with gorgeous yellow and aqua colored treats.  Guests could choose from a black and white cake, individual ice cream cups, vanilla cupcakes (notice the cute aqua #1 toppers by Made by a Princess and fondant toppers by Harriet’s House of Cakes), custom decorated smiley-face sugar cookies by Cara Bella Creations by Shauna, lemonhead candies and swirl lollipops. Miles’ favorite was definitely the cake and smearing ice cream all over his parents’ faces! I bet that resulted in lots of laughter and plenty of smiles!
Smile Themed Birthday Party Ideas for Boys

Boys Smile Themed Birthday Party Beach Ball Decoration Ideas

To keep guests entertained, Debra had several activities planned. They could strike a pose in the photo booth or enjoy the trail of bubbles from the bubble machine.  Guests were also invited to have fun swimming and splashing in the pool where they could play with smiley-face beach balls.
Boys Smile Themed Birthday Party Ideas
In honor of Miles’ grandmother who passed away shortly after Miles turned 6 months old, family members had smiley-faces drawn on their fingers, just as grandma would do if she were there.  One of her trademarks was drawing smiley-faces on children’s fingers.  What a sweet way to remember her at the party!
Boys Smile Themed Birthday Party Favors
To keep smiles big even after the party had ended, Debra set up a fun favor area where guests could grab smiley-face mazes and Slinkies from prize bins.  I love the custom sign which read, “Your smile made my birthday aMAZEing”.  What a fun way to thank guests for coming and bringing their happy dispositions.

Did you smile?  We did too!  What a great and cheerful celebration for one happy little boy!

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