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A Reel-y Fun Boy’s Fishing Birthday Party

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You know a boy really loves fishing when he begs his mom for a fishing themed birthday party two years in a row! Talented mama, Brista Barrington, couldn’t resist her son’s wishes because, as she describes, “he’s beyond obsessed with fishing”!  He eats, sleeps and breathes fishing. When asked what he wanted as a gift, Dylan emphatically responded, “a fishing pole and that’s it.”  Brista did what many moms would do; she went on a hunt for a fishing themed invitation to start her party prep!  I’m thrilled that she not only chose a popular fishing themed invitation from the Spaceships and Laser Beams shop, but she also fell in love with the coordinating fishing printable decoration package. I love how she used it to dress up desserts and style a wonderful fishing party for her son.  A big shout out to Brandy and Mandy for snapping the photographs.

Boys Fishing Themed Birthday Party

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Boys Fishing Themed Birthday Party

Creative entries to themed parties are a great way to start an event.  Guests at this 5th birthday celebration were cleverly welcomed to “Dylan’s Fishing Hole” using a customized sign from the printable package.  Unlike a lot of more seasoned fishermen, Dylan was thrilled to share his favorite fishing place!  Friends and family spent the majority of the party time fishing.

When it was time for eating, guests dined on “lakeside grub”—a simple menu of sandwiches and chips.  Brista chose to focus more on the dessert table, which allowed for some very creative options.
Fishing Themed Birthday Party Ideas for Boys
Luring guests to the dessert table was an easy job! The “gone fishing” inspired dessert table was styled with many fun, rustic-style props Brista found around her home.  The rustic anchor, lanterns and wooden crates look terrific. The front of the table was dressed up with a printable banner from the Spaceships and Laser Beams fishing collection.  A galvanized tin bucket stored cookies.  Cupcakes in printable “bait” wrappers were topped with gummy worms and customized themed logos. Brista had a platter full of the makings for s’mores, which guests roasted right on the premises. A simple cake, by Larry’s House of Cakes, was topped with a toy fish.  I love how everything is coordinated and cute, but not complicated.

Personalized water bottles were iced inside an oversized galvanized bucket.  Beverage wrappers are a stylish way to tie just about any drink in with the party theme.

Guests were thanked for making Dylan’s party “reel fun” with an adorable mini tackle box full of gummy worms.  That is the perfect party favor for a fishing birthday party!
Fishing Themed Birthday Party for Boys
After the party, Dylan confided to his mom that there was just one thing he hated about the party: not everyone got to catch a fish! For a sweet attitude like that, can’t you imagine mom will be willing to throw this little guy as many fishing themed birthday parties as he wants?!

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Fishing themed party for boys

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