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A Minecraft Joint Boy and Girl Birthday Party

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If you have children, chances are they love the video game Minecraft. Based on the hugely popular game, this Minecraft joint birthday party by Sunny Duran, of Sunny by Design, will give you many great ideas to build on for your Minecraft party, including a themed dessert table, party favors and activities that both boys and girls will love. Sunny planned this party for her son and daughter and the clever details are amazing.

minecraft birthday party ideas for boys

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To understand how awesome this party is, it helps to understand a little bit about Minecraft. One of the most obvious things about the game is that everything is pixelated and block-like. The ground, the buildings, the characters and monsters are all square and shaped like blocks. The objective of the game is to mine materials to build your house and your town/city as protection against the monsters that come out at night. Sunny did an amazing job of translating the pixelated look to her food and dessert display and also incorporated the organic, rustic feel by sticking to the green and brown tones used throughout the game. In explaining her design process, Sunny said she started with some printable paper Minecraft characters found at and Minecraft She printed them a few months before the party, and they were a huge hit with her kids, so she used them as décor and take-home favors for guests!  

boys minecraft birthday window etchings

boys minecraft birthday banner

Sunny added clever touches reminiscent of the game throughout her party styling. A unique and inexpensive idea she used was adding tape to transform glass windows into pixelated Minecraft glass. In addition, a Minecraft banner with pixelated letters and TNT graphics was hung to establish a gift station.  

boys minecraft birthday cake

boys minecraft birthday creeper cake

boys minecraft birthday food and desserts

boys minecraft birthday food

boys minecraft birthday ice cream

boys minecraft birthday kreeper crispies

boys minecraft birthday marshmallows

boys minecraft birthday cake

boys minecraft birthday red stone food

boys minecraft birthday slime balls

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Let’s talk about the impressive food and dessert area. Does the phrase, “If you build it, they will come” ring a bell? Sunny built an incredible Minecraft themed food display that surely caught everyone’s attention. The clear focal point was the Creeper head cake—a DIY by Sunny. In addition, Sunny replicated Minecraft cakes that are actually made in the game. They are little brown squares of cake with white on top and a sprinkling of red squares. Sunny made these in lieu of traditional cupcakes. Other themed treats included marshmallow “mushrooms”, “red stone” chocolate candy (made from pop rocks), chocolate covered pretzel torches and green Jello jiggler slime balls. There was also green caramel corn and Creeper crispies (rice Krispy treats with a chocolate creeper face) and a few impressive savory dishes as well. I love how Sunny used faux bois wood blocks to display and serve the food and treats.

boys minecraft birthday drinks

Green Hi C’s were decked out in custom “Creeper Juice” wrappers to tie in with the theme.  

boys minecraft birthday masks

boys minecraft birthday dress up clothes

Creative party activities are a must, and Sunny definitely didn’t forget to add the “craft” in Minecraft. Many of the party details were naturally more boyish in nature. Sunny painted her own Minecraft masks and swords from boxes and cardboard for the guys. Their favor bags were canvas totes that had a handmade felt “Creeper” on the front.  

boys minecraft birthday crafts

boys minecraft birthday craft ideas

boys minecraft birthday totes

Sunny didn’t want the girls to get the short end of the party stick, so she planned some activities just for them. Their crafts included making bracelets and jewelry boxes; small plastic takeout boxes from Oriental Trading Company were embellished with stickers, buttons and ribbons. The girls were also gifted with twisted fabric flower headbands. Adorable ruffles were added to canvas totes and functioned as their take home treat bags.  

I think Sunny constructed a pretty amazing Minecraft party!    

Photography: Sunny Duran and Laura Scott

Party printable decorations: Sunny by Design

Sunny has also graciously shared her Minecraft playlist:  

  • Creepers are Terrible (a Minecraft Parody) by Dreamreaver23
  • Mine By Minecraft Parody by Dreamreaver23
  • Kingdom(a Minecraft parody) by Dreamreaver23
  • Skelly Heart (a Minecraft parody) by Dreamreaver23
  • Revenge (Minecraft Creeper song) [feat.CaptainSparklez”] by TryHardNinja
  • Minecraft World (feat. Brad Knauber) by Pedro Esparaza
  • Redstone: A Minecraft Parody by Brad Knauber
  • I Found a Diamond(feat. Tyler Clark& Bebop Vox) by Brad Knauber

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