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A Halloween Dessert Table

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Halloween will soon be here! Scare up some fun with a Halloween themed dessert table, perfect for a boy’s Halloween party or a spine-chilling movie night!  Alexis, of Sugar Sweet, planned this spooky snack bar for her son and his friends using items from around the house and a few things from the local dollar store.  Can you imagine the fun the boys had choosing from so many ghoulish delights while enjoying a scary movie night?  Paired with hauntingly clever food and beverage labels, the frighteningly festive food and decorations beckon guests to partake.  Would you dare?

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Boy's Halloween Party Dessert Table Ideas

Boy's Halloween Party Dessert Table Decor Ideas

Black cheesecloth made a perfectly eerie backdrop for the Halloween spread.  It brings to mind mummies and cobwebs and other things that go bump in the night!  Notice how Alexis added cobwebs and spiders for a full spooky effect?  I like how moss and cobwebs were carried throughout the tabletop styling.  They bring in a spooky forest-graveyard feel!  The use of a tombstone for the centerpiece was an awesome choice. Skulls strung on garlands and on the table added to the creepiness of the display. This is definitely not a table for the faint of heart and it is just the kind of thing a group of guys would like.

Boy's Halloween Party Dessert Table Decor Ideas

Bottles and apothecary jars were labeled with vintage style labels and filled with questionable concoctions: “rattlesnake venom” and “fire-breathing dragon breath” (highly flammable!).  I think I might opt for something a little more on the tame side, say, the “bottled mayhem”(lollipops, actually).

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Plastic skull containers were filled with “gelatinous brains”.  Cauldrons overflowed with treats and were topped off with eerie gummy eyeballs. Edible ghosts in the graveyard?  Yes!  Ghost marshmallow pops were a part of this impressive dessert display.  A cauldron of popcorn (does it look like some sort of scrambled innards to you?) rounded out the food choices.

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For beverages, a ghoulish green elixir was displayed in a glass beverage jar.  The “toil and trouble” label was a perfect theme coordinating addition.

A night of frightening fun movies and an excellent array of companion snacks conjured up one good guy time! Alexis was able to produce this Halloween snack bar within a $30 budget—now that’s a BOO-tiful thing!

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