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A Disney Junior Mickey Mouse Birthday Party

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If you need to put a Disney Junior, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse together in a quick hurry—you can do it!

Whether life has been too busy to allow for long-term planning or if you find out there is a little guy who won’t have a party unless you make it happen for him, you’ll love these super-quick, super-easy birthday party ideas for decorations, cupcakes and favors.

This post was originally compensated in 2014 by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser, Walmart. All opinions and party ideas are mine alone.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Party Ideas for Boys

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I had less than two days (with all the rest of life still going on) to create this boy’s Disney Junior, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse themed celebration. Walmart to the rescue: you can find all the party supplies you’ll need!

Mickey Mouse is such a long-term friend; everybody recognizes his silhouette! That silhouette is a simple way to back the dessert table. Two sizes of three circles and you’ve got Mickey. I found these chalkboard and whiteboard circles in Walmart’s décor section.

I added a few circles as large polka-dots for extra interest

Mickey Mouse Cake Table

With paper lantern topiaries flanking the dessert pedestal, all eyes focus on the cupcake display. A duo of white boxes stairsteps up to the pedestal. Sometimes Mickey dresses formally so his black bowtie and silhouette embellish the display.

Mickey Mouse Cupcakes

I glued two white candies to the red cupcake wrappers I found at Walmart: Mickey britches! The chocolate cupcakes were from their bakery, too. I added round chocolate candy “ears” and the main treat was party ready.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Decorations

The topiaries were fun to pull together. I was thrilled to find the red and blue paper lanterns. That made it simple to add white paper buttons for Mickey.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Party Decor

Best buddy Donald gets a nod, too, with the blue lantern that I circled in yellow, with an orange bowtie, and a base in duck feather white. A plush Mickey waits nearby.

Mickey Mouse Party Hats

Mickey party hats turn the kids into cone heads — a sure sign the party is ready to roll!

Kids Table Mickey Mouse Party

I covered the guest table with a subtle stripped tablecloth that I already had. Giant black and white polka-dotted placemats made from wrapping paper are easy and look terrific with the bright colors of the die cut Mickey plates (so cute!), napkins and take-home plastic tumblers.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Party

Adorable Mickey, Donald and Goofy figures pose mid table. The birthday boy can take them home for bedroom decorations after the party.

Mickey Mouse Party Table Centerpiece

Table topiary centerpieces are easy to make. I wrapped two sizes of Styrofoam balls with black yarn and poked a small hole in one side. Toothpicks hold on the ears. A red and white polka-dotted straw secures Mickey to a Styrofoam base inside a small lantern decorated in Mickey colors.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Activity Book

Walmart has tons of fabulous books and toys to choose from. I opted to use Mickey activity books to amuse the kids while they were waiting for everyone to arrive.

Mickey Mouse Party

Planning fun games gets everyone interacting. I had the kids sit in a circle. While music was playing in the background they passed around Goofy’s hat (actually a green paper bag).

When the music stopped, the child with the bag had to draw out a paper slip that told him what Goofy thing to do: jump up and down five times, make a silly face, pretend to be a bird, etc.

Mickey Mouse Puzzle

Another game that generated a lot of giggles was a kind of hide and seek. I had pictures of several of the Mickey Clubhouse characters that I cut into four puzzle-like pieces. I hid them pre-party.

The kids had to find the pieces and work together to put the characters back together. Some of the combos on the way to the finished pieces looked pretty silly to the kids.

Of course everyone had to do the Hot Dog Dance (you can find the music on YouTube). After getting everyone moving, we did it as a kind of follow-the-leader activity. Kids took turns showcasing special moves and everyone else had to repeat them.

Mickey Mouse Party Favor Ideas

I decided on puzzles as take-home favors. Don’’t they look cute, wrapped in red with the black band and white buttons representing Mickey’s pants?

Mickey Mouse Boy Party Ideas

The birthday boy felt special and all of the kids had a fun time hanging out together. A few games, treats and easy decorations made a memorable celebration even though it didn’t take me long to put together. Total win!

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