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A Boy’s Nautical Birthday Party

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Combining the glory of sand and sea, this boy’s nautical themed birthday party makes for one fabulous celebration

Louisa, of Little Big Company, styled and photographed this party (with photo editing by Memories of Mine Photography) for her son’s 12th birthday.

It doesn’t get much better than a carefree day at the beach with a sea-inspired smorgasbord of treats. Come along – set your party planning course in the right direction.


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Boys Nautical Themed Birthday Party Dessert Table Ideas

I adore the simplicity of Louisa’s setup; two, rustic looking ladders with weathered wood planks stretched between them made a magnificent setting for nautical paraphernalia and seaworthy treats.

With the wide open sea in the background, a gorgeous metallic marquee style photo frame welcomed party goers.

Boys Nautical Themed Birthday Party Dessert Cake Ideas

A standout 3-tiered cake, by 2 Sisters Cakes, effectively conveyed the nautical birthday party theme with fondant details of waves, life preservers and anchors.

And ships in a bottle used as a cake topper?  Brilliant.

Boys Nautical Themed Birthday Party Cake Pop Ideas

2 Sisters Cakes also created the coordinating cupcakes dressed in nautical striped wrappers, topped with theme perfect anchor and life preserver fondant embellishments. Notice the matching cake pops, too.

Boys Nautical Themed Birthday Party Cookie Ideas

Additional treats were intermixed with awesome props: telescopes, model sailboats, nautical rope, oars, periscopes, and small nautical replicas.

Boys Nautical Themed Birthday Party Candy Treat Ideas

Cookies (The Iced Biscuit) with fondant initial toppers and editable printable topped versions (printable by Green Beansie Ink) look sailing club handsome.

Boys Nautical Themed Birthday Party Dessert Cookies Ideas

Adding personalization via desserts definitely kicks up the cool factor at a party and it’s a great way to pay tribute to the guest of honor.

Boys Nautical Themed BIrthday Party Rock Candy Treat Ideas

Bet the guys loved seeing rock candy (doesn’t it look like treasure?) on the table, as well as the treat filled lanterns.

Boys Nautical Themed Birthday Party Candy Wrapper Ideas

Custom wrappers with the birthday guy’s age printed on them gave life to full-sized candy bars.

Boys Nautical Themed Birthday Party Candy Favor Ideas

Tubes of candy rocks were another creative treat choice.

Boys Nautical Themed Birthday Party Drink Bottle Ideas

Nautical wrappers and labels on glass bottles and cups dress up the party in a non-fussy way that would please a group of older boys.

And did you notice the anchor stir sticks? There were even mariner map inspired napkins. Details make such a difference in tying a theme together!

Boys Nautical Themed Birthday Party Favor Ideas

Even older boys appreciate party favors. Friends were gifted with decks of themed playing cards, custom wrapped chocolate bars and classic style pens.

What a splendid 12th birthday celebration! Whether you are a land or sea lover, a masculine, nautical themed birthday party is an impressive way to celebrate an older boy.

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Boy's Nautical Birthday Party Ideas

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