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A Boy’s Hockey Birthday Party

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She shoots—she scores!  Mom and designer Beth Kruse, of Beth Kruse Custom Creations, scored big with this boy’s hockey themed birthday party idea.  Turning 5 is a big deal for any boy, and Beth wanted to celebrate her avid Chicago Blackhawks hockey fan, Ben, with a party he would really enjoy.  She designed hockey themed printables in Blackhawk black, red and white to set the scene for one unforgettable party!  Winning details abound from hockey puck invitations, to hockey stick party favors, dual dessert “tables” and thrilling activities.  Don’t miss a single detail as captured by Rebecca Gould Photography.


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Boys Hockey Themed Birthday Party Invitation Ideas

Excitement was surely flying as hockey puck invitations landed at the doorsteps of Ben’s invited guests.  Beth used her graphic design skills to create circular invitations that would fit right on actual hockey pucks.  She made a fun party logo inspired by the Blackhawks’ team logo, incorporating her son’s new age into her designs.  I love the creative take on her invitation!
Boys Hockey Themed Birthday Party Dessert Table Decoration Ideas
At this party, guests were treated to both a dessert table and a separate concession stand.  The dessert table is awesome—it reminds me of hockey uniforms.  Beth created this look by using red wrapping paper around her cake table.  She layered black wrapping paper with white duct tape stripes to create the bottom portion of the table “cloth”.  The table was situated against a rustic looking wood plank wall on which she hung mini hockey sticks she painted black.
Boys Hockey Themed Birthday Party Dessert Decoration Table Ideas
Shelves contained printable hockey signs with generic silhouettes and images to coordinate with the theme, along with various Blackhawks’ memorabilia.
Boys Hockey Themed Birthday Party Cake Dessert Ideas
The table was full of stunning treats!  Beth is multi-talented. She frosted a round cake to imitate a hockey puck, then piped on a frosted version of the party logo.  Oreos were creatively packaged with printed “hockey pucks” topper labels. Brilliant!
Boys Hockey Themed Birthday Party Food Cookie Ideas
Also on display were incredibly detailed cookies decorated by the talented NatSweets, which matched the printables Beth designed.
Boys Hockey Themed Birthday Party Food Concession Stand Ideas
Beth’s porch served as the perfect spot for setting up a concession stand run by her daughters.  She created printable signs on foam core which hung from the concession stand windows.  A hot dog roller, popcorn machine and great spread of snacks made this concession stand legit!  Some of the crowd favorites included chips, applesauce, hot pretzels, Twizzlers, suckers and Gatorade.
Boys Hockey Themed Birthday Party Printable Designs for Food

Boys Hockey Themed Birthday Party Drink Ideas

Beth added her custom printable designs to the snacks, including circle logos on rugby striped snack bags from The TomKat Studio and applesauce cups, and a coordinating beverage wrap on the Gatorade bottles.
Boys Hockey Themed Birthday Party Candy Lollipop Ideas
Lollipics sent custom suckers using an edible version of Beth’s designs. Everything coordinated and looked so impressive!
Boys Hockey Birthday Party Drink Cup Ideas

Boys Hockey Birthday Party Themed Cup Decoration Ideas

Boys Hockey Birthday Party Themed Drink Straw Ideas

Beth even used her 2” party logos to dress up plain black cups to fit her theme.  It’s such an inexpensive way to add custom detail, without breaking the bank! She created personalized straw flags as an easy way to keep track of which drink belonged to which party player.  Genius!
Boys Hockey Themed Birthday Party Game Ideas
If the invitations, party décor and refreshments haven’t already knocked your ice skates off, just wait until you see the hockey inspired party games.  Beth is a DIY genius!  Using a white tarp and dollar store duct tape, she created a faux hockey rink.  Beth found inflatable hockey sticks at Party City, and thus a perfect mini game of hockey was created for guests to enjoy.
Boys Hockey Birthday Party Game Ideas
In addition, Beth created an alternate hockey game using a table covered with a themed plastic table cloth and puck Frisbees from Party City.  Guests used water squirters to shoot pucks across the table into nets.  Can you imagine all of the fun?!
Boys Hockey Birthday Party Themed Game Ideas
Finally, Beth made a goalie out of old plywood.  With the help of her sister, she cut holes and made a frame.  Beth used a projector to trace one of the goalies from her printable designs and then painted it. Players in the making got to practice their shooting skills as they matched up against the goalie.
Boys Hockey Birthday Party Themed Favor Ideas

Boys Hockey Birthday Party Favor Ideas

Boys Hockey Birthday Party Themed Favors

Beth came across a great line of NHL party goods during her visit to Party City.  Because her son is obsessed with goalies, she picked up goalie masks to distribute at the party. She also added themed cookies and crazy straws to the party favors, in addition to hockey puck Oreos.  Another of Beth’s clever favor ideas included filling narrow cellophane bags with mini black and red gumballs and stapling a hockey stick shaped printable favor tag to the end—so creative!

Take the time to visit Beth’s Etsy shop to see other winning party themes she’s designed. You’ll score big at your next party!

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