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A Boy’s Dinosaur Party

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Digging up ideas for a boy’s birthday party theme can be tough. But for mom and stylist Jhoane, it was pretty simple: her son had been telling her for an entire year that he wanted a dinosaur birthday party when he turned 3.

Planning a party around a theme your son is already excited about brings an extra measure of fun to the party planning process. Jhoanee’s son also begged for a T-Rex birthday cake. Not only did Jhoanee oblige, she also came up with an entire dessert table full of prehistoric treats, mixed in with stylish party décorations and fun party games and activities as well.

I love the variety of textures and pops of color Jhoanee used for her tabletop display. There is just the right balance of earthiness and fun for a little guy’s celebration. It reminds me of the colors and energy found in this gorgeous dinosaur party.


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Boys Dinosaur themed Birthday Party Dessert table ideas

To set the scene for this prehistoric party, Jhoanee, who owns It’s a Cake Thing, covered the walls and tabletop with jute (Occasion by Design).

She incorporated natural looking elements like ferns and baskets made of woven reeds, a wooden stump and a bird’s nest to represent the great outdoors.

Created from paper in coordinating party colors, Jhoanee hung a “Zachysaurus” banner to add interest and personalization to the party.

Boys Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party Dessert Cake Food Ideas

Popping out of his shell, an adorable baby T-Rex cake served as the table’s focal point. Would you even dare cut into something so cute?

Boys Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party Dessert Party Food Ideas

Jhoanee went the extra mile in baking several other creative treat options for the dessert table, too.  There were chocolate truffles, aptly named “dino droppings”. Meringue was whipped into dino bones.

Fossil cookies were made by making an imprint of a toy dinosaur’s foot prior to baking; so clever! (Here’s an idea for making dinosaur fossils that would be a great craft at this party.)

Boys Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party Food Mini Volcanoes

Mini volcanoes were created from crushed biscuits and Nutella with lava flow embellishments.

Boys Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party Prehistoric Mud Party Food

Would you believe the mud bath was created from mousse with crushed Oreos added on top?

Boys Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party Candy Eggs Party Food Ideas

Easter candy eggs were used as the perfect speckled eggs. I’ve used these in my own dinosaur parties and they are a hit with guests.

Boys Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party Candy dessert ideas

Additional candies, muffins and treats were enticingly displayed, including custom wrapped chocolate bars.  What a great round-up of dinosaur desserts!

Boys Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party Dessert Candy Bar Ideas

Cute, customized food labels by each item included creative names.  I love the cups of veggies with the “for the herbivores” label!  How cute is that?

Boys Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party Veggie Food Ideas

Fun little dinosaur vignettes were set up on the table using toy dinosaurs and edible chocolate rocks.

Boys Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party Table Decoration Ideas

What an awesome way to celebrate a dinosaur-loving little boy on his 3rd birthday!

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