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A Boy’s Dinomite Birthday Party

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A boy’s Dino-Mite birthday party theme invites party guests to enter-if they dare to confront the beasts!  At this celebration, guests slipped into a make-believe world full of the wonder of dinosaurs roaming the earth.  Brightly colored dinosaurs adorned the dessert table and served as beautiful accents to make this party’s dessert table pop.  Jennifer LaForge, proud mom of birthday boy, Nolan, and owner of Events by Pink Elephants and Lemonade, did a fantastic job incorporating dinosaurs, one of her son’s favorite things, into the theme of his 4th birthday party.  From the food, cake, games, crafts, decorations and favors, dinosaurs are everywhere you look! Evelyne Vrolijk captured it all.


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Boys Dinomite Birthday Party Vintage Welcome Sign File

Guests were welcomed with a vintage style, custom sign painted by Nolan’s dad that could also be used as playroom décor after the party was over.
Boys Dinomite Birthday Party Dessert Table Ideas
The custom bunting and dinosaur cut-outs on the backdrop by Pink Elephants and Lemonade add a whimsical feel to the party.  It ties the color scheme together and magically incorporates everything, inviting guests to come and take a closer look.
Boys Dinomite Birthday party Food Treat Ideas

Boys Dinomite Birthday Party Food Ideas

The dinosaur-themed appetizers even included dinosaur shaped chips! I LOVE how the dinos seem to be snitching snacks all over the table!
Boys Dinomite Themed Birthday Party Candy Food Ideas

Boys Dinomite Birthday Party Candy Food Ideas

Boys Dinomite Birthday Party Themed Party Food Ideas

Boys Dinomite Themed Birthday Party Cookie Ideas

Boys Dinomite Themed Birthday party Snack Food Ideas

The sweets table is awesome.  The little party guests must have been amazed by the selection at this table, not knowing what to choose first. There were candies, lollypops and popcorn as well as the brightly colored cookies by Smooches, which fit with the party color scheme perfectly. They almost jumped off the table, asking guests to choose them first.  They were ALMOST too beautiful to eat—they look like miniature pieces of art!
Boys Dinomite Themed Birthday Party Cake Pop IdeasJust as beautiful as the cookies are the cakepops—which would entice any child.  Even the cakepops are color-coordinated with the color theme.  Absolutely gorgeous.
Boys Dinomite Birthday Party Themed Party Cake Ideas
The birthday cake was topped with frolicking dinosaurs, palm trees and a volcano.
Boys Dinomite Themed Birthday Party Craft Ideas
The entertainment at this party kept the theme going as well as allowed the kids to use their imaginations and creativity.  Guests were given dinosaur coloring sheets which, when completed, were laminated to be taken home to use as placemats.  After the children finished coloring dinosaur footprints, they made dino trails around the party, adding to the décor and ambience of the theme.  There was also a game which had guests carrying little dino figurines between their knees and walking a short distance to bottles, where they had to drop the toys into the containers with various sized openings. The kids loved it!
Boys Dinomite Birthday Themed Party Photo Booth Ideas
A themed photo booth always brings out the smiles!
Boys Dinomite Themed BIrthday Party Game Ideas

Boys Dinomite Themed Birthday party Favors Ideas

Party goers were gifted with take home favors in a dinosaur treat bag. There were dinosaur eggs which would reveal baby dinos when they dissolved in water. Dino cookies, colorful suckers and a large 3D dinosaur puzzle eraser elated the dino enthusiasts.

If your birthday boy is fascinated with dinosaurs, consider celebrating with fierce and whimsical dinosaurs that pervade the room and roam the table. Kids will have a roaring good time!

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