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10 Unique Boy Birthday Party Ideas from Last Week

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No matter the weather, moms make a way to celebrate their sons with terrific boy birthday parties! The celebratory theme ideas keep coming in colorful decorations and enticing dessert tables with the cutest cakes! This week our round-up includes racing cars, trains, superheroes, artists, fishermen, firemen, pirates, sports, a nautical theme…and other “things”!  

10 Birthday Party Ideas for Boys

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10 Boy Birthday Party Ideas - Race Car Theme

1. From The Iced Biscuit via Little Big Company: Little Red Racing Car Birthday — What a cheerful and bright birthday in aqua, red and white! Great treats and awesome dessert tables will get your engines revving!  

Boy Birthday Party Ideas - Alphabet Train Theme First Birthday

2. From Tabletop Treats via Kara’s Party Ideas: Alphabet Train 1st Birthday Party — Look for the sweetest way to deliver treats at this alphabet train birthday celebration! This simple theme is executed with much charm. Notice how the “steam” balloons puff out of the engine and onto the background to become novel wall decorations. A darling party!  

Boy Birthday Party Ideas - Pop Art Theme

3. From Lookie Boo via The Party Wagon: Pop Art 4th Birthday — Bright colors and patterns with a huge dose of clever make a creative art party come alive! Unleash your son’s inner artist with this wonderful celebration.  

4. From Bella C Parties via Kara’s Party Ideas: Thing 1 and Thing 2 Twin Themed Birthday — Get past calling the kids “thing” and this is an adorable party! Red and white polka dots, stripes and chevron are accented by Dr. Seuss blue in whimsical decorations that reference several fun Seuss stories. My favorite idea? Deviled eggs that look like green eggs and ham!  

Boy Birthday Party Ideas - Superhero Theme

5. From Rock, Paper, Scissors via Little Big Company: Superhero 1st Birthday Party — All of the bright colors you’d hope for in a Superhero celebration plus an especially cute dessert table.  

6. From Belladonna Sweets via The Party Wagon: Sports Themed Birthday — Baseball and football get a nod at this first birthday celebration that has been styled to reference a concession stand. A baseball bat serves as foundation for a cupcake stand—clever!  

Boy Birthday Party Ideas - Nautical Theme

7. From Angela Sims, editor, Bliss Bridal Magazine via Hostess With the Mostess: Ahoy! It’s a Boy! Nautical Baby Shower — What a stylish was to welcome baby to the world! Darling invitations, an especially charming cake and lots of delightful details (like a table cover that has “waves”) produce a lovely way to celebrate the impending arrival.  


Boy Birthday Party Ideas - Fishing Theme

8. From Lauren Haddox Designs: Boy’s Fishing Themed Birthday — With Stew’s Stinky Bait and Snack Shop set up in the living room PLUS a terrific fishing boat in the backyard, this party is awesome inside and out!  

Boy Birthday Party Ideas - Pirate Theme

9. From Where the Green Grass Grows: Arrr! A Pirate Themed Birthday — Cake and cupcakes were just some of the treasures to be discovered on this pirate’s bounty dessert table. A ship that sails the seas allows boy pirates to jump into adventure and affords a marvelous way to celebrate.  

Boy Birthday Party Ideas - Fireman Theme

10. From Lindsey D.: A Fireman’s Rescue Birthday Party — This party is way cool and it’s filled with lots of hot ideas to celebrate a third birthday. Especially fun and educational activities make this party noteworthy, too.  


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