10 Awesome Party Ideas for Boys

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Mad Scientists and minions, Rockabilly and rock n’ roll, pirates and campers and all things boy birthday AND Halloween are on the party agenda this week. Read on for super ideas for birthday cake and cupcakes, fun decorations, terrific kids’ party foods and crafts plus adorable DIY costumes. You’re going to like what you see!

Party Ideas for Boys

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Boy's Minion Themed Birthday Party Dessert Table Idea

1. From Rock, Paper, Sugar Events via The Little Big Company: Boy’s Tutti-Frutti Minion Birthday Party – What a colorful, cheerful celebration! The cake is a work of art and there are matching cookies, as well as fruit shaped cookies AND marvelous cupcakes. See happy decoration ideas for boys who love minions…and fruit.

Boy's Rockabiliy Birthday Party

2. From Rosy Cakes via Kara’s Party Ideas: Boys’ Rockabilly Nautical Themed Birthday Party – A pair of cousins celebrated their birthdays in high-sea style with adorable cakes and a boatload of treats. Troll the pictures and see what treasured ideas you can come up with!

Boy's Mad Science Themed Birthday Party Table Ideas

3. From Susan Macieira via Catch My Party: Boy’s Mad Scientist Birthday Party Ideas – Oh, what a dessert table: candy frogs, rats, worms, brains, mad scientists, glad scientists, cookies, cakes, treats!  Check out these details; there are beakers full of fun!

Boy's Rock n Roll Birthday Party Ideas

4. From Little Wish Parties via Kara’s Party Ideas: Boy’s Rock’n Roll 50’s Diner 2nd Birthday Party – This is a great party idea for a wide range of ages—the decorations are darling. To amuse guests there is a milk shake station, retro candies, retro games and of course rock music underscoring it all.

Boy's Camping Themed First Birthday Party Ideas

5. From Teddy the Toad via Catch My Party: Boy’s 1st Birthday Camping Themed Party – Adorable! There are several food stations and a fabulous looking menu with lots of details. There was also a darling, kidlet friendly “Baby Lake” and mini tent play area with faux fire—just perfect for the birthday boy and his contemporaries.

Monster Carnival Halloween Party

6. From Mon Soiree via Pretty My Party: Monster Carnival Halloween Party – This Halloween party is a little spooky but not gruesome. Bright colored chevron backs a dessert table filled with treats for little tricksters.


Pirate Themed Birthday Party Ideas for Boys

7. From Wild and Wanderful via Spaceships and Laser Beams: Boy’s Pirate Themed Birthday Party – Here’s a pirate theme with all the swashbucklin’ fun a guy could want. Searching for lost treasure, a sword fight and yummy eats was the delight of birthday boss and his guests!

Halloween Themed Kid's Party Food Ideas

8. 109 Great Halloween Party Recipes from Spaceships and Laser Beams: Food buffets and dessert tables can be fully transformed to spook for the season. You’ll find mealtime and snacktime ideas from savory to sweet and beverages, too, all dressed up for Halloween.

DIY Halloween Costumes for Boys

9. 15 DIY Halloween Costumes Boys Will Love from Spaceships and Laser Beams: Some of the most original and fun costumes you can find are the pieces you create yourself. You’ll be inspired by these terrific ideas!

Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids

10. Easy Halloween Party Kids’ Crafts from Spaceships and Laser Beams: What can the kids do besides wear costumes and eat candy for Halloween? This list of easy themed crafts will engage them.


  • MONOGRAM CHALKBOARD :: This is a mom-make-it for the kids project. Easy, inexpensive and super cute! Great party favor, too.
  • DIY 3-D BOOK :: This would be a fun project for a boy who likes to draw (for easy ideas for making 3-D specs too, google DIY 3-D glasses).
  • INDOOR SNOWMEN :: Why am I thinking about snow already?! This craft might get kids in the mood for Frosty and it will definitely keep them happily engaged while they build.

What’s your favorite boy birthday party idea this week?

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