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10 Awesome Birthday Parties for Boys

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Life seems full of possibilities with all of summer spread out before us! Whether or not you have boy birthday parties to plan, I hope you find something to celebrate every day! Within this week’s party round-up you’ll find all sorts of fun themes and good ideas that can also work for awesome play dates. Even if you don’t build an entire dessert table there are lots of cute cupcake decorations that would coax out a few grins! This week the party themes include a good time at the farm, vintage motorcycle party ideas, boats, carnival suggestions, dinosaurs and turtles, star gazing, cameras and modern/vintage décor. Enjoy!

Awesome Boy Birthday Party Ideas

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cock a doodle doo boy's birthday party
1. From Pink Peppermint Paper via Hostess With the Mostess: Cock-a Doodle-Doo – A second birthday is celebrated “down on the farm”…in the backyard…in the most charming of ways. Look for the amusing cow print and udder balloons, animal cut-outs and a sweet favor garden. Delicious sounding menu, too.

vintage motorcycle boy's 2nd birthday party
2. From Sunshine Parties via Kara’s Party Ideas: Vintage Motorcycle 2nd Birthday Party – The cake pops are a hoot—love ‘em—and the rest of the party is just as cute! Black and white checks with red and white stripes really pop. There are fun activity ideas, too.

boats and bubbles boy's nautical birthday party
3. From Kimberly via Project Nursery: Boats and Bubbles Nautical 1st Birthday – Origami birds and boats add to the décor and the boats are also cleverly used to serve goldfish crackers. The cardboard boat that displays gifts is precious and I’m sure it received some playtime, too.

Birthday Carnival Spectacular boy's birthday party
4. From Karen via Chickabug: Birthday Carnival Spectacular – Birthday brothers and their guests look like they had a blast at this outdoor party! Carnival/circus themes are especially wonderful for this time of year. See lots of game ideas and notice this mom’s fun way to give out favor prizes.

boy's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle birthday party
5. From Elianna Noelle Events via Pretty My Party: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Birthday – The heroes on a half shell are back…did they ever leave?! The balloon table centerpieces are awesome and you’ll see more décor ideas here, too.

boy's dinosaur birthday party
6. From Alessandra Schmidt via Kara’s Party Ideas: Dinosaur Birthday Party – Inventive serving ideas really add pizzazz to this popular theme. Of course you’ll find lots of dinosaurs and texture plus loads of balloons add to the celebration.


Modern-Vintage 1st Birthday Party for a boy
7. From MaMeMima via Spaceships and Laser Beams: Modern-Vintage 1st Birthday Party – This party is a lovely presentation of sweet ideas for a first birthday. The stylish arrangement is pleasing to the discerning adult but still kid friendly, too—nice combo!

boy's star gazing birthday party
8. From Creative Designs by Toni via Spaceships and Laser Beams: Star Gazing Party – Isn’t this an awesome party idea? Toni wowed her sons and their friends with this fun gathering; it would also make a terrific birthday party theme.

nautical boy's birthday party
9. From A Stylish Affair by Jessie via Spaceships and Laser Beams: Nautical Birthday Party – This very handsome celebration was hosted for a grown up guy, but the lovely ideas could work for a masculine party for any age.

in a flash boy's birthday party
10. From The Life and Times via Spaceships and Laser Beams: 1st Birthday in a Flash – I love this clever party; the décor is delightful! It plays up all of baby’s first year pictures plus alludes to how quickly that premier year moves.


  • FOR FATHER’S DAY :: Use this cool idea for a Father’s Day card or a banner to dress up the day. Depending on ages, the kids might be able to do this themselves.
  • ERUPTING ICE CHALK :: This looks like so much fun! I’d try it even if Sam didn’t want to—but I’m sure he will!
  • GALAXY SLIME :: What kid doesn’t like to play with slime?! This concoction is beautiful. Talk about the stars while you’re making it and it serves double duty as a science lesson.

What’s your favorite boy birthday party idea this week?

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