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Super Hero Party Super Style

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[Julia from Boys Be Cool is back styling another awesome birthday boy party outfit. Follow her on Facebook here.”]
The most often requested birthday party’s theme gets a fresh and simple update. Whatever Super Hero’s identity your little man assumes, you can infuse his heroic uniform with style.
GAP to the rescue! Super tees with removable capes generate the little’s Hero’s superpowers. If you don’t find the right superhero, check Little Capers for awesome shimmery capes. They also carry Powerbands that, naturally, add an extra kick to superhero’s style.
Bottoms blend with tees seamlessly focusing attention on more important details, such as right accessories. GAP and Zara have everything you need.
It’s important to use studded kicks, as these studs are not just studs, you know? Superheroes shoot lasers from these camouflaged by studs tiny muzzles in the heat of the battle with the villain.
Now add Shwings’ flames or lightning bolts to your superhero’s kicks that will take his speed and flying powers to the whole new level, not to mention that these ridiculously cool shoes accessories make unique and unforgettable party favors.
Hit Etsy for a wild selection of amazing masks and personalized Superheroes products. Check out for the mind blowing creations of film/TV costume designer Tamsin fit for the ultimate superheroes.
Now, let’s save the world in style!