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Space Party: Never Lost in Style Space

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Never Lost in Style Space



Taking our previous post on Pilot/Aviator style up to a different stratosphere level seems logical with the space/astronaut/astral bodies inspired outfit but there was another reason. Super nostalgic (retro 80-s) and incredibly futuristic (Ziggy Stardust, hello!) at the same time , Shampoodle’s set of silver satin cuffed pants and quilted reversible jacket (an object of desire) offer an impressive magnitude of styling possibilities. The shape, texture and a gleaming silver of this jacket are the direct and super stylish reference to the astronaut’s suit and space travel themed movies. Worn together they make a perfect outfit for the space themed party. If you can’t wait for the Shampoodle’s spanky new SS13 collection hit the stores opt for a silver metallic or white windbreaker. These Talc pants with gathered leg cuffs and structured silhouette add polish to the serious space traveler look.

Stars are a fabulous choice for the intergalactic party. Don’t limit yourself on these astral bodies! Mini Boden’s mad constellations are grounded by the sleek shape of a polo shirt but you can use any star studded top your little space ace possesses.

We went all patriotic in this classic Americana red-white-and-blue outfit so you can recycle these pieces for your 4th of July celebration but these colors are definitely preferred by space industry as they pop against pitch dark space.

Use hi-tops in a variety of relevant colors: red, white, navy, silver metallic. We used sleek MAA hi-tops that will be available stateside this spring/summer.

J. Crew/Crewcuts offer a slew of cool accessories you can add to this outfit to jazz it up. Now this star is ready to shine bright. To the infinity and beyond!