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Nautical Party Clothes Ideas

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Put fresh like a sea breeze spin on nautical attire for your little captain’s party. Naturally, we all love crisp nautical top popularized by Coco Chanel who fell in love with sailors’ striped attire while plowing the high seas with her yachting enthusiast lover Duke of Westminster. Use elements of this timeless style to create an outfit for your sea explorer.
Striped sailor sweater by Tommy Hilfiger is a nod to spring with its brilliant stripes. Zara’s linen/cotton pants are direct reference to wide-legged sailor trousers. NEXT’s boat shoes have sneakers’ features and great traction. Zara’s light parka is a spring version of classical pea coat.
Now, let’s accessorize! Suppress the natural desire to click on this Halloween Express link. Customize cool pinstriped newsboy hat, that you will reuse a gazillion of times, with a vintage anchor pin for an original captain’s hat version. Check out Fore! Axel & Hudson an ultimate Chief Milliner of the kids’ fashion. Add cute bandana in nautical motif. has a few funky styles at a whooping price of $9. You can also get a bunch of nautical stars bandanas for original party favors at Quality Bandanas that will cost you $2 a piece for 12. Grab nautical bracelet on Etsy and anchor belt at J.Crew.
Celtic compass buttons make great Sailor Party favors and cool Tom Brown satchel is a nod to nautical style’s inspiration. Well, mom, you know, YOU will keep it, right?
Silly sunnies with mustaches add the old salt flair. ?
Now, all aboard and get ready to sail in style, mademoiselle Chanel would approve of.