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Little Pilot: Gravity Ain’t Got Nothing on My Style

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Little Pilot: Gravity Ain’t Got Nothing on My Style



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Styling your little pilot for his glorious birthday party might be daunting but don’t let the gravity of clichés pull your little aviator’s soaring style down. The true romantic flair of the sky ace is in the accessories and surprising style twists.

If you are on the grand dandy team – have him channel the noble spirit of the timeless classic: “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry who was a reserve military pilot at the start of the IIWW. To create Prince Pilot ensemble start with impeccable white pin tuck or tuxedo shirt (Zara, H&M) and a fine pair of pants with button-on braces. Braces are essential in this outfit! They are our reference to an old fashioned Sam Browne belt (military shoulder strap that used to support scabbard or pistol). There is no shortage of pants with button on braces. If you didn’t stock up on Tom & Drew epic pants (when they sold their insane mystery boxes), get a pair of fabulously vintage-y pair in printed cotton at Vertbaudet. ($30-$34).
Throw on feather- light H&M khaki parka and roll up both sleeves (parka & shirt’s) together to relax the royal spirit.

Combat boots would be an obvious choice of footwear. This is why we are urging you not to go down this trail. Truck down a cool pair of Chelsea boots that offer a right mix of adventurous, sharp, tough and hip – perfect for our little Prince Aviator.

The aviator’s helmets (hat/beanie) with goggles or classic aviator shades are essential for this outfit. You can find cute helmet on E-Bay or mine multiple crocheted and knit options on Etsy. If your little pilot doesn’t own a pair of mean Aviators it should be the least of your sartorial worries. Internet is swarming with a gazillion of takes on this classic accessory in every imaginable color and texture.

If you prefer hip, laid back look for your little pilot – build an outfit around a cool version of classic khaki chinos by Shampoodle ($29). H&M offers a rad version of khaki pants with pockets and zippers.

Kids love wearing their passions and hobbies on their sleeve… and chest and in this case you can give in but resort to the enormous selection of t-shirts with artsy bold graphics featuring everything that moves: from an ice cream track to fighter jets. Cool cardigan with gleaming buttons and a patch pulls the outfit together. Don’t forget the goggles and he is all set to fly high.