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Precious Cargo Themed Boy Baby Shower

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A baby boy shower in an airport? Well, not really, but the theme idea of a baby being precious cargo dovetails nicely with the holding bay of an airport and that is what this baby boy shower by Belladonna Sweets was patterned after.

Party decorations were kept to a minimum, but the ladies were able to convey their message by clever use of the cake, cupcakes, favors and food labels as well as unique party games.

Do a little detective work and you can even find the baby boy’s birthday date on the dessert table!

Precious Cargo Boy Baby Shower Ideas

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The party was done up in blue and red. A centerpiece cake (by Dress My Cake) appears to be a couple of pieces of leather luggage with a vintage style red airplane resting on top.

When I first saw the party pictures, I thought the cake was actually luggage! I like the blue ribbon frosting used for the luggage ties, too.

Extra mechanical parts, aka Propeller (cake) Pops, are stored in a wooden crate with canning jars and crinkle paper holding them upright. They look especially appealing with the red, white and blue striped sticks.

Propeller Cake Pops

Notice that the stripe pattern also appears on food table cards and the favor bag toppers, too. On one end of the dessert table is another crate which holds the precious cargo cupcakes with map-look wraps. Stacks of mini suitcases look cute and keep the rhythm in red going.

Plane Cookies for Boy Baby Shower

Cake pedestals offer Bon Voyage airplane shaped and frosted rice krispie treats.

Smore Cookie Party Food Ideas for Boy Baby Shower

Baggage Claim s’more type treats are all tied up like packages ready to ship. Twin red and white trays offer chocolate pudding parfaits and a serving basket holds fresh orange slices.

Before leaving the dessert table, guests are invited to take caramel corn in-flight treats that coyly say, “Thanks for flying with us”.

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