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Boys Superhero Themed 5th Birthday Party

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When boy birthday parties ignite a guy’s imagination, I call that a good thing! This superhero themed birthday party was designed by Flavia, of Stunning Party, for a five-year-old superhero wannabe.

The invitation asked guests to “help Nathan graduate to the League of Superheroes on his fifth birthday”. Don’t you know that little fellow was excited?!

Flavia did a super job with the eye catching dessert table; the birthday cake even “talked”with thought bubbles. Colorful decorations, generous favor station and fun party games also help make this party a special celebration.

Superhero Birthday Party Ideas

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What a terrific table backdrop! Rays of power emanate from the strongman superpower who presides over the entire spread.

A mock-up cityscape wouldn’’t be difficult to build, but it certainly adds so much to the party. The double layer cake references Spiderman, but the stars and cape leave room for interpretation of other heroes, too.

I especially like the four layered sweets tower; the star topper and colorful tiers are quite enticing!

Superhero Party Food Ideas

Flavia incorporated stars, power bolts and thought bubbles throughout the dessert table to produce a fun comic book vibe.

She made the cupcakes“pow”, the corn “pops” and the jelly (Jello in North America) is super! Marshmallow pops (with stars), cake pops, sugar cookie stars, Brazilian brigadeiros (a sort of chocolate bonbon) and gumball candies are more fuel (as in sugar high!) for superboys.

The favor station is another colorful spot. The tall skyscraper is a cute addition to the corner. A “Nathan” pennant banner hangs over the city silhouette and a table filled with personalized capes. Each boy got to take home his cape and mask, handcuffs and a Marvel coloring book.

Superhero Party Photo Booth

The red telephone booth not only provides a place for boys to be transformed into superboys, it’s a great superhero themed photo booth, too! For another cool version of the phone booth photo booth, check out this post.

Speaking of photo ops, David O’Sullivan caught the party images here.

Flavia’s detailed work must have thrilled the birthday boy and his guests. Hope this great party is fuel for your imagination, too!

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