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A Christmas Lunch (without Turkey)

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This may be my last blog post until Christmas Day…or after New Year’s. I haven’t decided yet. 🙂 So I wanted to take the time to thank everyone for the inspiring me creatively and personally this past year. I “meet” so many positive and giving women (and a few men) around the world through Spaceships and Laser Beams and it has truly been an honor. I thought I would end the year with a few personal photos of an early Christmas lunch we had this past weekend with my husband’s family as we won’t be with them on Christmas Day.

I have been so swamped that I didn’t really have time to cook — although it may have been an excuse as the actual execution of the meal is not exactly my passion. Lucky for me, Catherine of Goodness Bakeshop is a wonderful friend who agreed to help out. By the way, that’s also the menu card from her Precious Gift Collection in the photo above. Catherine planned the most awesome vegetarian menu, which included: baby greens, walnut, pear and feta salad; butternut squash soup, bean wellington au jus (sooooo good), cranberry chutney and roasted root vegetables. She also baked a ginger cake with cream cheese icing and a red apple tart for dessert. This meal was so good that the meat eaters in our family didn’t even notice they were eating vegetarian. Success. Here’s a few more pics…

Buffet style, cause I don’t have a big enough dining table for everyone. 🙂

Stephanie Keeping

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