Mom Rules

Mom Rules!

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Last week we introduced Mom Rules. And I have to say it has personally been so much fun. I say so many hilarious things to my son. Things I cannot believe even come out of my mouth. For example, the other day it was “Put on your underwear back on so you don’t hurt your penis.” (?!?) It’s nice to know that, by far, I am not the only one.

Over the past week moms have been leaving comments on our Facebook page and blog. In fact, we had so many awesome ones contributed. I already cannot wait until next week to share even more of them! Help keep this going: Leave us a comment with the funniest thing you’ve found yourself saying since you became a parent below or on our Facebook page.

Stephanie Keeping

Stephanie is in love with a boy named Sam. He has taught her that it's okay to jump first and look later, to wear a dirty shirt to the park and to decide that today is a good day to take a nap in your rubber boots. She hangs out here blogging at Spaceships and Laser Beams and at our printable party shop on Etsy.