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Back to School Morning Routines

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The crisp days of autumn are just around the corner! This means back to school season is about to begin. This means busy mornings with lots to do. Look at these Moms Check In tips to make your days start off easier!

Back to School Morning Routines

Amanda: Mornings for us are pretty different than they were last year! This year we are homeschooling so we have eliminated a lot of the rush which feels so amazing! I’m all for calm and less stress! One change that I have added to our routine is that I spend a few minutes (usually only 5-7) doing some yoga. It may sound silly or that those few minutes can’t really make a difference, but they do! It gives me a few minutes to just wake up, stretch and get ready. I’ve also stopped the habit of waking up, grabbing my phone and checking my inbox in bed. Before, I was starting my day before I could even fully open my eyes! Small, simple changes have helped make our mornings not only calmer but so much more enjoyable. And when you start your mornings off enjoyable it’s much easier to have an awesome day!

Jenni: Honestly, mornings around here started out pretty rough when school started. Now that we’re 3 weeks in, things are smooth sailing. Setting the coffee pot timer the night before, is the FIRST thing I do! We also have clothes and backpacks laid out the night before. On the weekends, I use gallon sized bags to divy up lunch items for the days of the week. That way, all I have to do is grab the bag and put everything inside Eli’s lunchbox. It only takes a second, vs. 5 extra minutes out of the morning. Another thing I use that really helps us stick to our routine is cellphone timers. I have a timer for everything…and when the timer goes off, we do that task. Wash face and hands, brush teeth, get dressed, eat breakfast, grab backpack, say our morning prayer, watch for the bus. Works like a charm! Sounds a little OCD, right?! But hey — we get out the door on time and with less drama, each and every morning!! Plus, Eli thinks it’s fun and he likes to beat his time for each task. He looks at it as sort of a challenge!!

Stephanie: Mornings are always busy! This year, we have lots of new things to experience: we’re in a new city, a new house and a new school district. Plus, Mike is no longer working outside the home. I feel like we’re starting our school morning routines from scratch. Thankfully, some of our usual habits will continue to serve us well. In the evening, I have Sam help me prep his backpack and clothes for the next day — this makes our morning so much easier! Once we’re up and around, I make his lunch while he eats breakfast. We follow breakfast with vitamins and a good teeth brushing. After a few minutes of reading and cuddles together, it’s time for out the door. I love the fall and I’m excited that back to school season is finally here!

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