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Back to School Lunchbox Notes

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Back-to-school. How many times have we heard that in the past month? After accomplishing everything on our “have-to-do” list, I’’ve still been wrestling with one big concern for Sam this year.

Sam goes to a small, country town school.  There are only 13 kids in his class. Sam’’s best friend has been a little guy who Sam has known since they were babies. I met this boy’’s mom at a mother and baby group when I was on maternity leave and then we had our boys within a week of each other. The boys have had so much in common, even when they were just a few months old. They were both huge babies and big eaters! As they grew, they both became picky eaters and they both had to have speech therapy for moderate speech delays. Sam was thrilled when this little boy also attended Junior Kindergarten. Their close bond took them into, and through, Senior Kindergarten as best friends.

Back to School Lunchbox Notes

This year as they enter first grade, Sam’’s best friend is going to a different school. I didn’’t want Sam to have a big shock on the first day of school so I’’ve been talking about it, trying to prepare him.

You know the kind of things moms say –…like how much fun school will be this year –…how exciting it will be to see the other kids… and how cool is it that he’’s going to be a big first grader?!

So far, he’’s been taking it well –…but we have a few days until school actually begins. Mom is still a little concerned but determined not to show it!

I’’m planning to include fun notes in Sam’’s lunch throughout the school year, but especially at the beginning of the season while he is adjusting to the new routine and facing school without his best buddy.

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