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Vintage Train Birthday Party

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Today’s vintage train party was thrown by Val to celebrate her son’s fourth birthday. Val and her family put a ton of effort into this party and it really shows. In terms of decor, she used our Vintage Train Collection and I cannot get enough of the tablescape she created. The track down the middle is so awesome. She also did a great job of incorporating her son’s request for a Gordon cake (from Thomas the Tank Engine) into the vintage train themed dessert table. I’m also completely in love with her idea for a party game — a train congo line. LOL You can read all about it — and the rest of the party details — in Val’s own words at the end of the post.


Will had a ball at his pirate party last year, this year he wanted a train party, he has been so excited counting down the months and weeks and inviting just about everyone to his party! We just loved the Spaceships and Laserbeams printables and these gorgeous printables decided the colours for the party.

Will’s birthday cake was a chocolate mudcake with layers of oero and white chocolate ganache. My son was my harshest critic when making the Gordan Train topper with many attempts made by me to get the details correct! The Spaceships and Laserbeams 6 inch sign perfectly complemented the train scene we created however the cake design credit must go to Cakes and Biscuits by Lisa.  

All the sweets and treats were homemade and included Blueberry and lemon cupcakes, mint chocolate cake pops, chocolate ‘train tracks’ (chocolate coated pretzels), Key lime bars (recipe from Amy Atlas’ new book), Pistachio and chocolate fudge trains, jelly, jaffa flavoured train cookies, lemon flavoured train cookies and fruit funnels (in push cake pops – the kids loved the novelty). Since it was a party over lunch time, there was also a range of finger food, sandwiches and antipasto for adults and kids. 

All the kids got a party bag which included a mini Thomas train story book, train whistle, steam bubbles, an old fashioned fudge train lolly as well as a selection of other chocolates. 

But I think the games was what the kids enjoyed the most – My very clever husband made a cardboard train for the kids which is where most of them spent the party. One of the games included a train congo line, we had the kids line up at the “train railway sign” (complete with a Spaceships and Laserbeams printable) and pinned ‘train wheels’ (painted out of paper plates) to their sides. They all had turns being the train driver (and got to wear a train hat and blow a whistle) – the train congo line got pretty fast at times! Our local “Staterail” also came to the party and donated 20 mini paper model trains for the kids to make and 20 Thomas colouring in books which was so generous of them.

My challenge for this party was to learn to sew! Thankfully I had a crafty friend who helped adapt a pattern and we met every week for a month to use my brand new sewing machine (which incidentally had been sitting in the closet for a year), despite some very frantic sewing in the last week before the party, we managed to sew a beautiful ruffle tablecloth. The blue ruffle was sewed on with velcro, which means I can change the colour to match future party themes. I also had a go making iron -on transfer train t-shirts for my boys  and I think they looked pretty cute in their matching choo-choo T-shirts (a bargain at $4 each)! All in all, the kids and adults left happy, fed and a bit tired. Our little family had a ball and we celebrated another year in my happy, loving and kind boy’s life. Happy 4th Birthday Will! ps next year Will, we’re going to have a smaller party okay? 🙂

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