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[Cool Customers] Levi Turns One!

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You know when something’s awesome with a side order of awesome? That’s exactly how it feels to be posting these pictures of little Levi’s first birthday photo shoot. Now I’ve never met Levi. I don’t know his parents. And I only kinda, sorta, not really met the photographer who took these photos – through email. But it’s still exciting none the less. They were taken by the super talented Los Angeles-based photographer Shannon Lee, who I have featured a couple of times on this blog (here and here).

After I first featured Shannon, we got to email chatting and I jumped at the chance to be part of Levi’s first birthday photo shoot (Shannon’s been photographing him every three months) by offering up our Vintage Car Collection. But if I’m going to be honest, I know that gorgeous Levi totally steals the show.

And here are some cleaner moments before the cake 🙂

Make sure you visit Shannon’s original post for all the details and even more photos.

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