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[Cool Customers] Dinosaur Party in Florida

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I’m loving these photos from a customer’s dinosaur themed birthday party!

I am going to have a bit of a run on customer’s parties over the next few blog posts and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Keep sending them in! Today’s post is from my favorite type of customer, a repeat customer. LOL Actually, Rachelle has been just wonderful to work with and I love the fact that she’s originally from Atlantic Canada like I am. We presented the baseball party she threw for her son Dallas in October of last year. (It featured our Classic Baseball Collection, which was designed by Janelle.) And this post is about the dinosaur party she threw for her son Madden. (It features our Prehistoric Party Dinosaur Collection, which was designed by Andrew.) Rachelle held Madden’s party at Dinosaur World in Florida and she says the whole event was a hit. I have to say that, after seeing the photos, I totally agree.

Rachelle made the cake!      


Grandma came all the way from Nova Scotia for the party!

And check out this little guy in our party hat!

Stephanie Keeping

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