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[Cool Customers] Bug Themed Party in Hollywood

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I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to be able to feature this bug themed party using Andrew‘s awesome Bug Bash Collection. A fabulous customer, Amy, sent them to me of her son Watson’s third birthday. They chose a wooded park in the heart of Hollywood. And a few of the details they did really took the party to a whole different level. For one, they crafted a homemade spider web out of yarn between two trees for the kids to climb through as they entered the party. (LOVE) They also had a bug hunt complete with pith hats, bug nets, magnifying glasses and flashlights. The bug hunt was held in a dry creek bed that borders the park and they ‘hid” hundreds of small, colorful, plastic bugs among the rocks. Amy says that it proved to be a stroke of genius for a gaggle of three year olds with limitless energy to expend.  In addition, they had a craft table with bug tattoos, bug cookie cutters with play dough and a large Happy Birthday banner for the kids to color for Watson. It sounds like such a great party – check it out for yourself!

We had a complete bug themed buffet and a bug cake that mirrored our surroundings. My favorite is the Peanut Butterflies & Jelly sandwiches, there were also Banana Bread Flies and Winged Grilled Cheese among other great treats.

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