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Kid’s Party Food: Unique Dinosaur Birthday Cake Pops

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If you’re looking for a terrific kid’s party food for your next boy birthday party, I’ve found it! I’ve been having good times putting together a dessert table using our Prehistoric Dinosaur Collection—which I love!  A dinosaur themed celebration is a favorite boy birthday party idea; it’s a mix of adventure, mystery, and science—just the sort of thing a boy would find fascinating!  And that terrific kid’s party food? It’s unique; it’s delicious. It looks awesome on my dinosaur themed table and I bet you’ll want some on yours…it’s a set of cake pops from Evie and Mallow!

Palentologist Tools Cake Pop for Boy Birthday Party

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Cool Dinosaur Birthday Party Cake Pops

I contacted the amazing Samantha at Evie and Mallow because she is a genius with cake pops. I requested that she make tools that might be used at a dinosaur dig. My only direction was that they shouldn’t look too murderous—if you google “paleontologist tools” it begins to look like Dexter’s secret trunk! As usual, Samantha delivered the goods and exceeded my expectations. The pick, brush and ball peen hammer shapes are (chocolate!) cake pops and the magnifying glass is actually a lollipop. Aren’t they incredible?! They make an awesome display on the dessert table and add another dimension to your décor.

Dinosaur Printable Birthday Party Supplies

Unique Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas for Boys
If you’ve never included cake pops at a party before you might be wondering how to display them.  In this case, you could lay them out as if the tools are ready for use. Most times I put a Styrofoam block in a serving vessel and camouflage it with jelly beans or candies.

Unique Dinosaur Cake Pops

Unique Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas for Boys
Including these unique cake pops is a fun way to introduce how an archeologist discovers dinosaur skeletons—especially if you’re going to include a kid-friendly dig as one of your party activities. I’ll have more on that soon!

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