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Easy Owl Cupcakes {Woodland Party Ideas}

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I hope you love these owl party cupcakes because I think they’re super cute! Best of all, they are super simple to make. With some very basic ingredients and a cute little cupcake cup, you can have your own. I think they would be very sweet at an owl themed first birthday or woodland themed baby shower.

Supplies needed to make these owl cupcakes:

Assembly instructions for owl cupcakes:

After your cupcakes have completely cooled, frost them. I used a butter knife for this part (don’t judge). Then pour your cocoa or chocolate shavings into a shallow bowl or plate. Roll the frosted top of the cupcake so that it is completely covered. To assemble, use a bit of leftover frosting to make sure everything sticks! Insert each of the chocolate candy melts into the cupcakes, with the rounded side facing down. Put a dab of frosting on the rounded side of the white candy melt and stick the the chocolate ones. Pipe on a tiny bit of frosting for the pupils. Add a peanut for the beak and you’re done!

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