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DIY Thanksgiving Cupcake Toppers

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Boy parties are our specialty ‘round here. Any decoration supplies we can use to create a special Thanksgiving theme for our guys catch our attention. Nicole, of Tikkido, shares a VERY EASY idea of how to make fall leaves that swirl around the Thanksgiving cupcakes (or other desserts) on your holiday table. What guy (or mom) wouldn’t think that’s pretty cool? {Make sure to also check out this gorgeous Thanksgiving dinner table that Nicole put together!}

DIY Leaf Cupcake Toppers for Thanksgiving

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Here’s the supply list:

First, punch out a number of the leaves. Nicole found that patterned paper gave a more realistic look of the mix of autumn leaf colors. The wire has a tendency to naturally curl as it is unwinds from the spool. That works to your advantage for this project. Play around with the wire length; you might want to start with about 6 inches. Glue the leaves onto your wire. Nicole says that because wire is not considered food safe, you don’t want it in direct contact with your food. So, be sure to wrap the end of the wire around a toothpick before inserting it into your cupcake. That’s it!

DIY Thanksgiving Cupcake Toppers

Now you have swirling autumn leaves dancing around your dessert table! Nicole suggests this same method could be used for other celebrations by substituting snowflakes, stars and planets or a kite for the autumn leaves. Visit Nicole at for more great ideas!

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