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15 Robot Birthday Cakes (And Cupcakes!) You WIll Love

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I’m in love with every robot birthday party cake idea in this post.

Seriously, is there anything cuter than a robot birthday cake? And we have compiled 15 themed cakes and cupcakes that you will love. Whether the color palette is blue, green, orange or classic grey, these robot cakes are the perfect complement to any boy’s robot themed birthday party.

If you have a favorite cake maker or are fantastic with fondant, check out these great robot cakes. If you want to go a more simple route, we also have listed a ton of great robot cake supplies at the end of the post that will have you whipping up your little boy’s birthday cake in no time.

1. Robot Party Cake | Etincelle Creative Studio

2. Robot Academy Birthday Cake | My Insanity
A robot academy theme is a great twist on a robot party and this cake is easy to achieve if you want to make your own. Check out those donuts on the arms and legs!


3. Robot first birthday cake | Bunnycakes
A sweet first birthday party planned for the sweetest little boy. The robot cake was the showstopper for sure when it came time for sweets.

4. Robot Cake Stands | via Spaceships and Laser Beams
These robot leg cake stands were made for quadruplets, so that each boy could have his own little cake. If you’re handy, they could easily be whipped up following a trip to the hardware store.

5. Robot birthday cake | Ciao Annie
I think this cake might be too cute to cut, not that it would stop anyone at our house. The fondant work is just gorgeous.


6. Robot birthday cake | Blue Cupcake via Spaceships and Laser Beams
Talk about great things coming in small packages. This little cake is bit on high style. I love the color palette and the fondant robot and spaceships cut-outs decorating the side. If you love this cake, you’ll also want to check out the cupcakes below.


7. Robot cupcake toppers | Blue Cupcake via Spaceships and Laser Beams
The complementing cupcakes to the cake just featured, these little guys are completely out of this world.

8. Make your own robot party birthday cake | Spaceships and Laser Beams
Skittles, gumballs and M&Ms all line the outside of this cake. Add in two fondant robots (that match our robot collection) and this robot cake is an easy DIY effort that looks anything but.

9. Budget-friendly robot party cupcakes | Buttercream Bling via Spaceships and Laser Beams
Party of our Boy Bash on a Budget Challenge series from last year, these robot cupcake toppers were made to match our collection. Best of all, they’re an easy way to take your robot cupcakes to the next level.

10. Robot birthday party cake + dessert table | Ma’ Cake via Sweet Designs by Amy Atlas
It’s the beautiful white, grey and turquoise color palette that make me love this birthday cake. Plus the fondant robots perched on the cake plate are beyond sweet.


11. Tiny fondant robot cakeYuma Couture Cakes via Spaceships and Laser Beams
Is this not the most perfect little robot cake cake ever? I love it so much I even featured it in a blog post all its own.

12. Space robots birthday cake | Nina’s Cupcakery via Kirsten and Co.

13. Robot cake for 100 people | Short and Sweets via Spaceships and Laser Beams

14. Awesome robot cake and topper | My Creative Vision

15. Robot birthday party | A Blissful Nest via Celebrations at Home
Using her own printable set, A Blissful Nest styled this party for a very sweet tow year old boy. The repetition of circles in the desert table design is gorgeous.

Still want more robot birthday cake ideas? Here’s another 15 very cool robot cake supplies:

1. Disney/Pixar Wall-E And Eve Cake Topper Set

2. Fred & Friends Yumbots Robot Cupcake Mold

3. Robot Party Fun Cupcake Topper Rings

4. Dress My Cupcake Dessert Table Party Kit

5. Android Mini Collectible Series Vanilla Cupcake Robot Figure

6.Robots Dessert Plates

7.Robot Pattern Chocolate Muffin Cupcake Candy Ice Tray Mold

8. Robots Edible Cake Topper

9. Meri Meri Space Cadets Robot Cupcake Kit

10.RETROBOTS Robots Party Favors Figures

11. NY CAKE Robot Set Plunger and Cutter

12. Lucks Edible Image Robot for Birthday Cake

13.Robot Decoplac Creation Cake Topper

14. Build A Robot Cupcake Liners & Decorating Toppers

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