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New Nutritional Approach for Dogs #WhatsYourDogsLifestyle

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I’ve had my dog Twister for 10 years now. He’s a rat terrier mix. I don’t actually know how old he is because I rescued him from a shelter in Detroit, MI. He joined our family just a few years before my daughter Ella was born. She’s seven. Back then, Twister would travel everywhere I went – by car and by plane. Today, the poor dog has lost his hearing and most of his eyesight. He lives a pretty sheltered live now and prefers quiet days napping on the couch while I’m at work and Ella’s at school.

Dog food for indoor dogs

Like most people, I understand how my lifestyle impacts my health. But what I never thought about was how my lifestyle impacts the health and nutritional needs of my dog.

Royal Canin recently launched a line of dog food formulated to match the nutritional needs of a dog — based on where and how that dog lives. Kinda cool, I thought I’d try it.

Dog food for indoor dogs

Twister’s been on the Senior Indoor Life food for about a month now. He really likes it. In fact, he’s always been the kind of dog that isn’t fussy about food. Often I’d put his food out and in the morning and it would still be there when I got home from work. But now, he waits for me to feed him in the morning, and eats it all up before I get one foot out the door.

Royal Canin Indoor Life Dog Food

The other thing I’ve noticed since Twister’s been on the Royal Canin food is his coat. He’s inside all day and in the winter, his skin can get very dry. Over the last few weeks, I’ve noticed less shedding and his coat is getting softer. 

The lifestyle-based brand has anti-inflammatory OMEGA-3 fatty acids, vitamin A and a high quality protein – which I know all contribute to a healthy skin and coat.

If I had to guess, I’d say Twister is about 12 years old. I do want him to enjoy his senior years. Before now, I never thought much about how his lifestyle affects his nutritional needs.

Disclosure: I work with Royal Canin on a number of communication programs but all opinions are my own. I believe in their company values and the quality of their products. I jumped at the chance to try their new line of lifestyle-based dog food and see the results for myself.