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Ways to Protect Your Home & Family

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October is Fire Prevention Month.

From the outside you’d never know there was anything wrong. But once the front door opened, you realized about two thirds of the interior was gone.

It was weird. What happened?

And then I found out Carol was one of the lucky ones because the entire family made it out. It sure caught my attention and I decided we’d better make up-to-date smoke alarms a priority.

Thanks for the help, First Alert, and thanks for sponsoring this post. Also know I’m part of the Mom It Forward Influencer Network.

Family Emergency Planning: Ways to Protect Your Home & Family

I remember the panic I felt when I first heard of my friend’s house fire. You just don’t expect that kind of thing to happen to anyone you know.

Yet, it happens. Nearly 3,000 Americans die in home fires each year. Many fatalities could be prevented with properly working smoke alarms.

Changing Smoke Alarm

In Carol’s case, her teen-aged son went to bed last and forgot to blow out a candle. The smoke is what awakened her husband, just in time.

Carol’s family crawled out through a second story window. All three of them balanced on a high porch roof, shivering from stretched nerves, freezing temperature, and eventually so thankful for an observant neighbor and fire fighters.

Family Emergency Plan

Carol told me it took months to feel normal again. Besides the disruption of having their home rebuilt and needing a new wardrobe, they lost a lot of their special possessions.

She said for months afterwards she would go to get something and then realize it didn’t exist any longer. Disconcerting!

It sure changed the way she viewed fire safety. After that experience they sat down as a family and laid out a fire safety escape plan, which they practiced.

Home Smoke Alarm

It’s recommended that you identify two ways out of each room—include windows and doors—and decide on an outdoor meeting spot. In those first moments of turmoil, you’ve got to be certain everyone is out.

Most families don’t remember to include that in their planning strategy. It’s important.

Testing Smoke Alarms

October is Fire Prevention Month, a great time to do a home safety checklist. That might include testing your alarm functionality, replacing alarms as needed, ensuring alarms are installed on every level, and practicing your family’s escape route.

Smoke alarms and the newer carbon monoxide alarms last about 10 years. If it’s time for you to replace yours, it makes sense to upgrade protection with alarms that contain 10-year sealed batteries. They’re tamper proof, hassle free, and it eliminates the need to replace batteries for the life of the alarms.

First Alert Carbon Monoxide Detector

It’s also a good time to make sure dryer vents are clean. Have an annual furnace check, too.

First Alert Carbon Monoxide Detector

When you’re debating alarm replacement, consider both smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.  Carbon monoxide is often called “the silent killer” because CO is colorless, odorless, and impossible to detect without an alarm.

First Alert Smoke & Fire Alarm

First Alert has several models ideal for safety:

  • The SA3210 is great for overall protection because it has both types of smoke sensors recommended by the National Fire Protection Association.
  • P1010 is ideal for bedrooms.
  • PRC710 provides smoke and CO safety.
  • CO710 is easy to add to any room because it’s a table-top model

Additionally, place fire extinguishers wherever a fire might logically originate—and know how to use them!

We replaced the main smoke detector in our hallway this month and we’re talking to our boys about what we should do in case of an emergency. It’s much better to be a super-prepared family.

House Emergency Plan

A house fire is not anything I like to think about and I’m trusting it won’t happen, but then I remember Carol…

Up-to-date smoke alarms help me rest easier!

Plan Family Emergency

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