How to Better Understand Over the Counter Medicines

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As a mom, I’m really aware of what our family consumes. Not only food and beverages, but over the counter medicines as well. I can remember the first time Sam was ill as a little guy. I felt nervous about giving him medicine and wanted to make sure I was giving him the correct dosage. After checking with his pediatrician, I felt a lot better. But I still wanted to obssessively read everything I could so I was positive I knew all the facts. {It’s a parent thing, right!?} Having resources at your disposal provides such peace of mind. Knowledge is power after all! How to Better Understand Over the Counter Medicines

The new site, has a terrific mission. They help provide parents with the knowledge they need for their families to lead healthier lives. They explain best practices for responsible use, storage and disposal of over the counter medicines. This empowers parents to make wise choices for their family and act in confidence.

The site is easy to navigate and utilize. It’s packed with resources like information on specific medicines by using the Medicine Cabinet feature. You’ll also find the latest news from experts. I really like their search feature which allows you to search for medicine, ingredients or symptoms. This offers excellent peace of mind as I’m not second guessing what we’re dealing with in the middle of the night. It’s truly a one stop resource for over the counter medicine information.

These days, families face increasing responsibility for their own health care, but it’s hard to know where to start. Being armed with the information from can help you feel more knowledgeable and better prepared to make decisions when dealing with your health. This is important to me — and I’m sure to you as well!

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