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Toys We Love: CloudPets

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Tracking PixelToday’s conversation is brought to you by CloudPets, however all thoughts are my own. I know you will love this product as much as my family does! 

At the beginning of this year, my best friend Brittani shared with me that 2015 was going to be a year of change. At first, it seemed like this might mean a new job or project. By the end of February, it appeared to be turning into something bigger: moving 1,000 miles away to Texas. As things progressed, a moving date was selected — the end of July. We were going to rent a Budget Truck and Brittani and I would hit the road on a once-in-a-lifetime trip across the U.S. The clock started ticking as we checked off a number of adventures on our list.

Toys We Love CloudPets

Brittani is like a member of our family: she joins us for birthday celebrations and holidays, Sunday afternoon family lunches and adventures in between. In May, Brittani moved in with our family as she continued preparations for a cross-county move. My three boys, who consider her an aunt, were delighted.

Family with Brittani

Shay with Brittani

Our youngest, Shay, was especially happy. He is our most cuddly child and loves to find a lap to curl up in while he sucks his thumb. One of his favorite laps to curl up in is Brittani’s. Evenings reading and watching TV were spent curled up in Brittani’s arms. Since Shay is not quite three yet, he still pronounces things in darling ways. He says her name as Burt-tee-nee. Melt worthy!

On the Roadtrip

Jorryn and Zane, who are 11 and 4, had a better grasp on the situation of Brittani moving. As the date got closer, everyone responded to the situation differently. There were a number of tears shed in our home during the month of July, from every member of the family. No matter how often we discussed “the big move”, Shay couldn’t grasp what this meant. He thought Brittani was going for a visit to Texas, where her parents live — just like at Christmas. The thought that she wouldn’t return with Mommy simply didn’t compute.

A week has passed since I returned home — the move was a big success and we made many great memories along the way. I’m still fielding daily questions from Shay about Brittani and when she will return home. Being able to FaceTime is awesome, but it’s not the same as cuddling up with someone you love, which is what Shay really longs for.

CloudPets Message You Can Hug Toy

Before I left, I stowed a CloudPets puppy dog away in the closet. When I got home, he was delighted to learn he had a new friend to play with. He quickly named it “Teddy” despite it being a puppy. I have to say — I am in love with this amazing technology!

CloudPets™ offers an incredible way for kids to connect with loved ones far away. This is ideal for service members, long distance friends and family plus parents who travel for work. Or little Shay away from Brittani.

CloudPets Easy Setup

CloudPets Ready to Use

Setting up CloudPets™ is very simple. The package contains easy directions that walk you through each step. The pet connects with the CloudPets™ app on your phone through Bluetooth. {Available on Apple Store and Google Play} Your child can upload or receive a message — all while snuggling their pet. It’s a more personal way to say I love you.

Shay Snuggling CloudPets

Shay Listening to CloudPets Message

CloudPets™ also takes safety very seriously. Parents are able to approve or reject messages coming to their child. Kids can’t record messages unless they are within 30 feet of the connected device, so parents are sure to be close by.

Shay with CloudPets

Shay Looking at CloudPets

Shay Hugging CloudPets

As our family transitions during this time in our life, I am so thankful that technology makes it easier. CloudPets has become a new favorite for Shay that he’s delighted with. And that makes this mama’s heart very happy!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of CloudPets.

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