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Toys That Teach: We Love Woozy Moo

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This post is brought to you by Woozy Moo — all thoughts are my own — and I know you’ll love this site as much as me!

If you’re like me, you seek out toys that are both educational and fun for your kids. Toys that encourage them to use their imaginations and creativity all while teaching them important skills. Sometimes these amazing toys can be difficult to locate. Have you noticed? Many stores seem to carry the same type of stereotypical toys in aisle after aisle.

Toys that Teach on Woozy Moo

Not Woozy Moo. Started by Hai Tiet while working at the United Nations, he noticed that toys played into inequalities starting at an early age. Instead of focusing on toys that are appropriate just for “girls” or “boys”, they provide toys for everyone. Woozy Moo strives to offer an alternative for parents. There are no “girl” or “boy” toys are Woozy Moo — just toys to help everyone learn.

Educational Toys We Love

There are construction sets, science kits, eco-friendly toys plus high-quality special needs toys. And lots more! They’ve even been featured in Forbes magazine.


Action Figures

Using their site is so simple. You can search by theme, type, needs, age, brand or price. You can also sign up for the newsletter and save 10% off your first order. Each page of products is laid out to be easily seen. Scrolling your mouse over a product highlights it’s price and you can easily drop it in your cart with one simple click.

Woozy Moo Home Page

I feel great knowing that I’m supporting a brand that is taking a stand for what they believe in. So often you find companies driven by the almighty dollar. It’s refreshing to find someone who takes a stand to make the world a better place. Plus, I know Sam will love and appreciate the toys I found!

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