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Toys for Boys: 2013 Christmas Gift Idea #Constructbots

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At the end of everyday, there is a gap of time between when my little ones go to bed and when my oldest, Jorryn does. That gap is “our” time each day. It’s the period of time that he has my undivided attention, without little brothers interrupting and making noise. It’s time we both look forward to each day.  Over the past few months, I’ve looked for ways to make this time special each day. We often curl up and read together, some evenings we just talk about our day and what we’re thinking. But I like to also add in fun activities that we can work on together. Being a mom to three boys, I have learned the fine art of building and superheroes! 🙂  

Best Christmas Toys for Boys 2013 - Transformers Constructbots

As soon as I heard about TRANSFORMERS CONSTRUCT-BOTS, I knew they were the perfect fit for Jorryn. Since he was very small, Jorryn has loved to build and create. His creations have always impressed me. He is a typical boy: busy and always in motion. But when he’s working on a project, he becomes quiet, focused, and determined. It’s a whole different side to him!

2013 Christmas Gift Ideas for Boys - Transformers Constructbots

He also especially loves TRANSFORMERS since Domingo has shared lots of the toys with him — many of them saved in boxes from Domingo’s childhood.

Christmas 2013 Toys for Boys Gift Ideas

The new TRANSFORMERS CONSTRUCT-BOTS allows kids to construct, convert, and customize characters. Each figure includes a robot frame, plus lots of armor and accessories. This means that Jorryn was able to create classic characters like OPTIMUS PRIME as well as make his own characters!

Christmas Gift Ideas for 2013 - Transformers Constructbots

All the parts are interchangeable which really makes the possibilities endless for Jorryn’s imagination. {I loved that for once, it was me creating TRANSFORMERS with Jorryn, instead of it being a “daddy activity” … although, I’ll admit — I think Domingo knows more what he’s doing in this arena! 🙂 }  Each TRANSFORMERS CONSTRUCT-BOTS figure also converts from robot to vehicle and back without taking it apart. Jorryn thought this was great since it’s a classic feature of the TRANSFORMERS toys.  

Not only was Jorryn able to create his own characters, it opened the gateway to a whole new story line and adventures. As a boy mom, I know how full of imagination guys can be… which often is overlooked in society, I think. Boys are powerful little creatures, full of great dreams! It’s fun to listen and see stories where the boy is the hero and he’s saving the world with his special super powers!

To find out more, be sure to visit TRANSFORMERS on Facebook and Hasbro on Twitter.

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